Torchlight Infinite Hero Skin Outfits

Hero Skin

Emperor's Ceremony
Hero Skin
[Hero Apparel - Divineshot]
The Empire shines like a blazing sun forever.
Song of Gladiators
Hero Skin
[Hero Apparel - Berserker]
The armor of champions cherished by the folks of Gaia. Only the fiercest warrior in Gaia tribe may win this glorious reward.
Guard of Hearts
Hero Skin
[Advanced Hero Apparel - Berserker]
A bulky fellow disguised as a guard, who brought down the whole guard team of the Princess of Hearts. He caught the maid who fell from the sky, and then fled!
Lord of the Dead
Hero Skin
[Advanced Hero Apparel - Berserker]
Wear the face of the dead and dress in calamity.
Voidflame Dragonstalker
Hero Skin
[Advanced Hero Apparel - Divineshot]
The undead put on armor made of dragon scales and light the fire of corruption with their immortal bodies.
Hero Skin
[Hero Apparel - Stalker]
Whose eyes are gleaming in the dark night?
Raging Tiger Lord
Hero Skin
[Advanced Hero Apparel - Stalker]
"The legendary valiant lord, with its iron claws and sharp teeth, won..." "Countless dried fish! Meow!"
Sweetheart "Maid"
Hero Skin
[Advanced Hero Apparel - Stalker]
The cat girl who dressed as a maid stole the jewelry box of the Queen of Hearts. She jumped on the shoulders of the tin guards, and jus fled!
Instant Noodle Boy
Hero Skin
Extraordinary master escapists disguise themselves as other creatures to blend into the environment.
"Behold the art of escape!"
God of Fire
Hero Skin
The corrupted remain unburned, yet the young god awakens.
Let the old gods burn to dust, as they shall kneel before the new.
Hero Skin
[Hero Apparel - Frostfire]
When Gemma was just a little girl, she fantasized about becoming a pirate who rides on the crest of the waves, stealing from the rich and giving to the poor.
Ablaze Samurai
Hero Skin
[Advanced Hero Apparel - Frostfire]
The samurai jumped into the sea of flames in pursuit of the ultimate swordsmanship.
Fire devoured his flesh and bones, yet his heroic spirit is remembered forever.
Hero Skin
[Hero Apparel - Oracle]
Vicious foes that never sleep are quenching their thirst with the breath of the night.
Supreme Authority
Hero Skin
[Advanced Hero Apparel - Oracle]
I've once held supreme power in my hands, and I've witnessed how it fell into the abyss.
Vicious Fire Magister
Hero Skin
[Advanced Hero Apparel - Spacetime Witness]
In seek of the truth of blood and fire, they fell into lava and drank the flames.
Snow Owl
Hero Skin
[Hero Apparel - Spacetime Witness]
The master-less night owl covered in snow took the last bullet of the enemy.
Slayer Shark
Hero Skin
[Hero Apparel - Commander]
"Command test complete. Those from above shall taste the shark's wrath!"
Captain Ghost
Hero Skin
[Advanced Hero Apparel - Commander]
My future crew members... I know each of you...

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Q: Where can outfits earned through the "Boon" be viewed?

A: Open your "Bag", tap "Info", and then select "Outfits" to view your collection.

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