Defeat Stalker of the Endless Dunes in Dig Map without being affected by Garukhan’s Sandstorm

PoE Challenge: Defeat Stalker of the Endless Dunes in Dig Map without being affected by Garukhan’s Sandstorm.

Stalker of the Endless Dunes(Based on Garukhan, Queen of the Winds)

  • Well telegraphed charge that inflicts Maim
  • 3-Hit combo that ends with a powerful downward slash
  • Become invisible, then rushes a target
  • Arena spawns several Sandstorms and Tornadoes that deal physical damage over time
  • At 66% and 33% life; becomes invisible and summons several unique Sand Goliaths. The Vulture Queen will also emerge and become vulnerable

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Location Dig Map
Level 72
Effects from modifiers Monster gives 100% increased Experience on death (Hidden)
1500% increased Quantity of Items dropped by this Monster (Hidden)
2000% increased Rarity of Items dropped by this Monster (Hidden)
Skills Melee
Life 1.792E+06
Damage 2805
Attacks per second 1.66
Critical strike chance 5.00
Armour rating 7367
Evasion rating 5463
Accuracy rating 339
Fire Cold Lightning Chaos
1-5 15 15 15 7
5-10 30 30 30 20
10- 40 40 40 25
Experience 1.452E+05
Metadata id Metadata/Monsters/Garukhan/GarukhanMap

Dig Map

Region Upgrades Chart
Upgrade Level 0 1 2 3 4
Tier 5 8 12 14 16
Map Level 72 75 79 81 83
Belfry Map (Harvest)
Port Map (Harvest)
Shipyard Map (Harvest)
Volcano Map (Harvest)

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