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Sentinel Slot

There are three Sentinel slots in Path of Exile: Sentinel league. You start with a single slot to equip a Stalker Sentinel Stalker Sentinel, but as you play through the league, you can eventually unlock two more Sentinel slots so that you can have one Sentinel of each class equipped at a time.

Name Description
Stalker Sentinel Stalker Sentinel Empowers a moderate number of enemies in sequence as you encounter them. They will follow you for around thirty seconds, empowering dozens of monsters before they dissipate.
Pandemonium Sentinel Pandemonium Sentinel Empower a wide swath of monsters at once in a quick burst. They are designed for mass area-of-effect, and typically only fire one shot. But this shot really counts, chaining between monsters to affect an entire screen full of foes at once. This class of Sentinel can be very dangerous because it empowers so many enemies at once.
Apex Sentinel Apex Sentinel Only empowers rare or unique enemies but have a very strong effect. They fire fewer shots but have a much larger impact on difficulty and reward.

Sentinel Slot PoE

Each class of Sentinel can be deployed once per area that you play.

You’ll quickly develop various strategies for when each class is best used, for example, saving your Pandemonium Sentinel Pandemonium Sentinel for when you’re surrounded by monsters, or using your Apex Sentinel Apex Sentinel on the map boss or league content that spawns several rare monsters.

With a full loadout of Sentinels equipped, in every map you’ll get to empower bosses of your choice, juice up an entire screen at once with a button press, and choose the part of the map where it’s best to empower a series of dozens of monsters.

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