Sacrifice Set PoE – The Apex of Sacrifice

The Apex of Sacrifice is an end-game area where the battle with Atziri, Queen of the Vaal takes place.

Access The Apex of Sacrifice

Place Sacrifice Set Sacrifice Set in the correct order inside the Map Device to access The Apex of Sacrifice.

Outcome Map Fragment Order
The Apex of Sacrifice 1x Sacrifice at Dusk Sacrifice at Dusk top left
1x Sacrifice at Noon Sacrifice at Noon bottom left
1x Sacrifice at Midnight Sacrifice at Midnight top right
1x Sacrifice at Dawn Sacrifice at Dawn bottom right

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  • Atziri, Queen of the Vaal
  • A’alai
  • Q’ura
  • Y’ara’az
  • Vessel of the Vaal

Items found in this area

Item Lvl.
The Gambler 1
Audacity 1
The Ethereal 1
Alluring Bounty 1


The map is partitioned into 7 areas:

  • The safe starting area where players begin.
  • A network of vaal chambers filled with magic-type Constructs and Totems.
  • A large empty room containing two altars that activate independently once a player approaches it. Each altar spawns Vessel of the Vaal.
  • A second network of vaal chambers filled with magic-type Constructs and Totems.
  • A large room containing Q’ura, Y’ara’az, and A’alai. They cannot be damaged and will not retaliate until the fight is triggered by approaching to a close distance.
  • A third network of vaal chambers filled with magic-type Constructs and Totems.
  • A large room containing Atziri. She will become aggressive as soon as the player moves closer from the entrance.


There are no definitive minimum requirements for completing this map, but there are common benchmarks for a character if they plan to succeed:

  • A large enough effective health pool to clear tier 9 to tier 12 maps without any deaths. (More than 4000 combined energy shield and life is strongly recommended)
  • Enough Area Damage to kill a white pack in tier 9 to tier 12 maps under 2 seconds. This could be any number between 8,000 to 14,000 effective dps depending on the skill. (Note: This is not equivalent to the tooltip dps)
  • A mobility skill that relocates your character in less than 1 second. (Lightning Warp Lightning Warp must be linked with Less Duration Support Less Duration Support). Alternatively, +60% or higher movement speed will also suffice.
  • At least 75% Fire and Lightning Resistance, and a recommended minimum of -40% – 0% Chaos Resistance.
  • A bleed removal/avoidance mechanic (such as a flask with the of Staunching suffix), and a Ruby Flask or Topaz Flask.
  • Physical-hit-damage avoidance or mitigation, such as Evasion, Block, Acrobatics or Immortal Call Immortal Call. (If defenses are absent, 5500 minimum effective health is recommended)
  • Spell-damage avoidance: Phase Acrobatics, Spell Block. (If defenses are absent, 5500 minimum effective health is recommended)

With approx. 50,000 effective dps or higher (accounting for curse/skill delay, projectile speed, elemental resists, curse effects, and status ailments), you can kill the 5 guardians before they use all of their skills. (6s to kill each Vessel, 5s to kill each trio member) This is an alternative approach than building for a strong defense.

With approx. 85,000 effective dps or higher, Atziri can be forced into the next clone-stage almost immediately; each time being unable to finish the first skill.


Each boss encounter introduces a different set of threats. It is common practice to carry multiple utilities in your inventory that you can equip for each challenge. Before each boss fight, a portal should be made just before entering the room. The player should fill their inventory with anything worth looting in case of an unexpected death or emergency escape, so they do not use a portal empty handed. After each boss room is cleared, the player should swap any flasks or Vaal Skill Gem to fill with charges on the way to the next boss encounter.

Vessel of the Vaal’s skill set consists of only lightning spells, cold spells and a melee physical smash. Effective flasks used are Topaz Flask, Quicksilver Flask, and any flasks that remove shock, chill, or grants movement speed. Resources that grant spell damage avoidance and maximum lightning resistance are helpful in this fight. The Vessels’ skill set can be trivialized with Temporal Chains Temporal Chains; making them predictable and easy to avoid.

Q’ura, Y’ara’az, and A’alai collectively introduces physical attacks, physical spells, physical degeneration, chaos degeneration, fire damage and fire elemental reflect. Effective flasks are Ruby Flask, Granite Flask/Jade Flask, Quicksilver Flask, and any flasks that remove bleed, ignite, or grants movement speed. Resources that grants eHP (effective HP in the form of Health, Energy Shield or Damage Conversions), physical damage reduction, chaos resist and life leech are helpful in this fight. Using Enduring Cry Enduring Cry and Immortal Call Immortal Call with increased duration passives/supports can trivialize the difficulty of this fight. The usefulness of curses vary depending on the kill priority of the three bosses and the player’s character. Consult their wiki page for details.

Atziri’s skill set consists of lightning spells, fire spells, physical projectiles, reflect, and summoning/healing. Effective flasks used are Topaz Flask, Ruby Flask, Quicksilver Flask, and any flask that removes shock, ignite, bleed, curses, or grants movement speed. Resources that grant spell damage avoidance, maximum fire/lightning resistance, and eHP are helpful in this fight. Enfeeble EnfeebleTemporal Chains Temporal Chains and Elemental Weakness Elemental Weakness are common curses for this fight. But be warned that she has 100% curse reflection. During the summoning and healing phase of this encounter, the summons can be delayed from reaching Atziri with any form of chill, freeze, stun, knockback, Temporal Chains Temporal Chains, or Frost Wall Frost Wall. Atziri herself remains a target (can be cursed but immune to damage) in this stage which may prevent Minions and Flicker Strike Flicker Strike from hitting her summons.

The Apex’s areas can be back tracked after killing the final boss.

The Apex of Sacrifice is not mechanically suited for large party play. Each boss encounter contains a very limited source of replenishing flask charges which cannot sustain a full party. Atziri’s Flameblast Flameblast increases in quantity and can cover the entire room with several players; making it impossible to play until several players are killed (lowering the difficulty).

Atziri service

“Atziri Service” is a community operated activity where one player opens The Apex of Sacrifice and waits while the other player completes the area. This form of agreement is not regulated by the game and operated on a trust basis.

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