Quest for Truth – Flyff Universe

Quest for Truth Quest

Description Go find Handel in the Garden of Rhisis.
Begin NPC Reonan
End NPC Handel
Location Flarine
Level: 40~120
Complete Quest: The First Pendant
Penya: 30,000
EXP: 15% for Lv. 40
Chain Quest Yes
Repeatable No
Removable Yes
Party Share Yes

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Begin Lost memory you say? Must have been hard for him wandering around so aimlessly with no true identity. We will give him time to gather his thoughts…
In the meantime, are you aware of the Garden of Rhisis? It is the landmass Northeast of Saint Morning. My friend Handel is currently conducting research there.
Her work takes much time and the constant threat of masquerpet attacks doesn’t help the process. Will you please go and assist her?
Accept You can reach the Garden of Rhisis by flying Northeast from the continent of Saint Morning. Please go there and meet up with Handel
Decline Hah, I see! After using all those town blinkwings, you’ve already forgotten how to fly.
Complete Welcome to the Garden of Rhisis. I have been expecting you. Do you understand the nature of my research?
Fail Handel is in the Northern part of the Garden of Rhisis. Please go locate her!

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