Unveiling Marika’s Favor: A Guide to the Queen’s Bounty in Elden Ring

The Shadow of the Erdtree DLC for Elden Ring grants access to Marika’s Rune, a coveted consumable offering a massive boost of 80,000 runes. This guide details where to find it, how to use it effectively, and some additional insights.

A Queen’s Blessing:

Marika’s Rune embodies the golden remnants of grace personally bestowed upon champions who fought for her cause. The description hints at the overwhelming power of Marika’s favor, potentially blinding even the most worthy heroes.

Claiming Marika’s Reward:

There are currently two confirmed locations to acquire Marika’s Rune:

  • Fort of Reprimand: Descend into the main arena’s pit and defeat the formidable Omenkiller. Your reward awaits on a pile of fallen warriors. A video guide for this location is included (insert video link here).
  • Scadutree Base: Look for the Elden Ring Runes right at the entrance, near the Tree-Worship Sanctum Site of Grace. Consult the provided map link for a clearer picture (insert map link here).

Utilizing Marika’s Bounty:

Once you possess Marika’s Rune, you can activate it directly from your inventory or set it as a quick item for swift access. With a single use, you’ll gain a staggering 80,000 runes, significantly accelerating your character’s development.

Maximizing Your Gain:

  • Strategic Use: Due to the substantial amount of runes granted, consider using Marika’s Rune strategically. Hold onto it until nearing a crucial level up or a coveted item purchase to optimize its benefit.
  • Exploration is Key: The Shadow of the Erdtree is brimming with secrets. Keep exploring, and you might uncover more of Marika’s Runes, bolstering your journey through the Lands Between.

Remember, Tarnished: The greatest treasures often lie beyond the obvious path. By venturing deeper into the DLC and utilizing Marika’s Rune wisely, you’ll empower your Tarnished to face even greater challenges.

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