PoE Unveiling the Maven’s Challenge: A Guide to Currency Farming

The Maven, a powerful entity in Path of Exile, offers a challenging endgame experience and lucrative rewards. This guide details how to unlock The Maven’s Invitation and farm valuable PoE currency.

Meeting The Maven (One-Time Steps):

  1. Witness Her Arrival: Once you reach yellow maps (Tier 6+), The Envoy will appear during a map, announcing The Maven’s observation.
  2. The First Encounter: Defeat the map boss with The Maven watching. She’ll drop The Maven’s Beacon, a quest item. Pick it up and add it to your Map Device in your hideout.
  3. Answer the Call: The Maven will instruct you to defeat three bosses in Tier 6+ maps while she observes. Use the "Call The Maven" button on the Map Device before running these maps.
  4. Capturing Bosses: Complete three separate Tier 6+ maps, slaying the bosses with The Maven present. You’ll receive a message indicating she has captured the boss essence.

Running The Maven’s Invitation:

  1. The Reward: After defeating the observed bosses, The Maven will drop an invitation. This is a map fragment.
  2. Challenge Accepted: Add the invitation to your Map Device and activate it.
  3. The Crucible Awaits: Six portals will open to The Maven’s Crucible. Enter to begin the challenge.
  4. Echoes of Battles: Here, you’ll face all the captured bosses together. The Maven observes your fight. Activate the device in the center to initiate the encounter.
  5. Conquer the Echoes: Defeat all the re-manifested bosses.
  6. Reaping the Rewards: You’ll be rewarded with a passive Atlas skill point. You can also use The Maven’s Gift to allocate points in your Atlas passive tree.

Progression and Farming:

  • Repeat steps 5 and above, using increasingly higher-tier maps with The Maven observing.
  • Special invitations, like "Maven’s Invitation: The Atlas," reward Crescent Splinters upon completion.
  • Collect 10 Crescent Splinters to form The Maven’s Writ.
  • Use The Maven’s Writ on the Map Device to challenge The Maven herself.
  • Defeating The Maven grants valuable rewards like Ceremonial Voidstones and Atlas Books of Skill.

Remember: This is a simplified guide. Path of Exile offers deep mechanics to explore. As you conquer The Maven’s Invitation, you’ll encounter more complexity and even greater rewards!

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