PoE Unique Item Divination Cards

PoE Turn in Divination Cards challenge: grant Unique Item reward types.

List of Unique Item Divination Cards

This is a list of divination cards which grant unique items as reward. It does not include unique maps.

Divination Card Stack
Effect(s) Drop Areas Additional
Drop Restrictions
A Dab of Ink 9 The Poet's Pen The Library • Academy Map • Museum Map • Scriptorium Map N/A
A Mother's Parting Gift 6 Fertile Mind The Imperial Gardens • The High Gardens N/A
Alone in the Darkness 5 Delve Item N/A Can drop from an Abyssal Trove.
Anarchy's Price 13 Voltaxic Rift
N/A This item can drop from Rogue Exiles and the prophecy chain Anarchy's End.
Arrogance of the Vaal 8 Item
Ancient City Map • Sunken City Map N/A
Assassin's Favour 9 Dagger The Marketplace • The Quay • Alleyways Map • Arcade Map • Bazaar Map • Park Map • Port Map N/A
Atziri's Arsenal 4 Weapon
Vaults of Atziri N/A
Audacity 5 Doryani's Fist
The Apex of Sacrifice N/A
Azyran's Reward 9 Prismatic Jewel
Relic Chambers Map N/A
Baited Expectations 8 Fishing Item N/A N/A
Blind Venture 7 Ring
The Reliquary (Act 5) • The Reliquary (Act 10) • Museum Map • Relic Chambers Map N/A
Boon of the First Ones 6 Bestiary Item Pit of the Chimera Map N/A
Burning Blood 6 Xoph's Blood
Lava Chamber Map • Forge of the Phoenix Map N/A
Council of Cats 4 Farrul Item Hunter's Ambush N/A
Cursed Words 13 Maw of Mischief Graveyard Map N/A
Dark Temptation 5 Obliteration N/A Can also drop from hidden chests in The Azurite Mine.
Death 4 Mon'tregul's Grasp The Karui Fortress • Bog Map • Flooded Mine Map • Marshes Map • Mud Geyser Map N/A
Divine Justice 1 Helmet
Eternal Labyrinth Enchantment
Chateau Map • Defiled Cathedral Map N/A
Doedre's Madness 9 Doedre Item N/A Doedre or corresponding bosses in The Harvest, Doedre's Cesspool, The Rotting Core, Phantasmagoria Map, Core Map, Waste Pool Map, Sepulchre Map and The Putrid Cloister
Earth Drinker 5 Granite Flask The Vastiri Desert • The Oasis • The Foothills • Desert Map • Dunes Map N/A
Echoes of Love 3 Fidelitas' Spike
Overgrown Ruin Map • Overgrown Shrine Map N/A
Etched in Blood 9 Rigwald's Quills
Fateful Meeting 9 League-Specific Item
Double-Influenced Item
Forbidden Power 4 Balefire
Gift of Asenath 5 Asenath's Gentle Touch
Glimmer of Hope 8 Gold Ring The Cavern of Anger (Act 6) • Flooded Mine Map • Underground Sea Map N/A
Heterochromia 2 Two-Stone Ring Estuary Map N/A
Hope 5 Prismatic Ring
Beach Map • Dungeon Map • Graveyard Map • Jungle Valley Map • Lookout Map N/A
Hubris 5 Ring The Library Can drop from Jeweller's Strongboxes.
Humility 9 Tabula Rasa The Aqueduct • The Blood Aqueduct • Channel Map • Waterways Map N/A
Hunter's Resolve 8 Bow The Riverways (Act 6) • Ramparts Map • Fungal Hollow Map N/A
Hunter's Reward 3 The Taming Grotto Map • The Putrid Cloister • Underground River Map N/A
Jack in the Box 4 Item The Ebony Barracks • The Slums • The Docks • The Sarn Ramparts • The Imperial Fields • The Harbour Bridge • The Grand Promenade • The Lunaris Concourse • The Quay • The Grain Gate • Arsenal Map • Ghetto Map • Port Map • Precinct Map • Promenade Map N/A
Light and Truth 2 Crystal Sceptre The Upper Sceptre of God • Palace Map • Residence Map • Villa Map N/A
Lysah's Respite 6 Agate Amulet
Maelström of Chaos • Mineral Pools Map • Underground Sea Map N/A
Mawr Blaidd 16 Eyes of the Greatwolf Dark Forest Map N/A
Might is Right 9 Trypanon The Ossuary (Act 5) • The Reliquary (Act 5) • The Reliquary (Act 10) • The Ossuary (Act 10) • Mausoleum Map • Relic Chambers Map • Sepulchre Map N/A
Mitts 5 Gloves The Ascent • The Solaris Temple Level 1 (Act 8) • The Solaris Temple Level 2 (Act 8) • Iceberg Map • Summit Map N/A
Peaceful Moments 5 Timeless Jewel N/A N/A
Pride Before the Fall 8 Kaom's Heart
The Coast (Act 6) • The Tidal Island (Act 6) • The Mud Flats (Act 6) • The Karui Fortress • Caldera Map • Lava Lake Map • Marshes Map • Volcano Map N/A
Pride of the First Ones 7 Farrul's Fur Barrows Map • Grotto Map • Lair Map N/A
Rats 8 Rat's Nest The Imperial Fields • The Grain Gate • Arsenal Map • Factory Map N/A
Rebirth 27 Charan's Sword The Battlefront • The Slave Pens • The Ruined Square • The Desecrated Chambers • The Control Blocks (Act 10) • The Reliquary (Act 10) • The Ossuary (Act 10) • The Broken Bridge (Act 7) • The Crypt (Act 7) • The Ashen Fields • The Bath House • The Blood Aqueduct • The Vastiri Desert • The Oasis • The Foothills • The Quarry N/A
Remembrance 8 Precursor's Emblem
Squandered Prosperity 5 Perandus Manor
Watchstone Count: 4
Succor of the Sinless 6 Bottled Faith N/A Drops from Baran, the Crusader.
The Academic 8 Inspired Learning N/A N/A
The Admirer 9 Atziri Item Ancient City Map • Maze Map • Vaal Pyramid Map N/A
The Aesthete 8 Shavronne Item The Harvest (area) • Shavronne's Tower • The Rotting Core • Core Map • Scriptorium Map • Tower Map Shavronne or corresponding bosses
The Army of Blood 6 Bloodbond The Lunaris Temple Level 2 (Act 3) • Shrine Map N/A
The Avenger 12 Mjölner
Primordial Blocks Map N/A
The Battle Born 5 Axe Kaom's Dream • Kaom's Stronghold • Caldera Map • Volcano Map N/A
The Beast 6 Belly of the Beast The Belly of the Beast Level 1 • The Belly of the Beast Level 2 • The Belly of the Beast (Act 9) N/A
The Betrayal 9 Maligaro's Virtuosity The Riverways (Act 6) • The Southern Forest (Act 6) • The Western Forest (Act 6) • The Crossroads (Act 7) • The Northern Forest (Act 7) • Burial Chambers Map • Mesa Map • Spider Forest Map • Fungal Hollow Map • Strand Map N/A
The Blazing Fire 6 Chin Sol The Ruined Square • The Torched Courts (Act 5) • The Ravaged Square • The Torched Courts (Act 10) • Alleyways Map • Haunted Mansion Map • Siege Map N/A
The Body 4 Body Armour N/A Can drop from an Armourer's Strongbox.
The Breach 4 Breach Item N/A Drops from Null Portals that spawn in Elder-Influenced maps.
The Brittle Emperor 8 Voll's Devotion
The Dried Lake • Wasteland Map Can drop from Voll, Emperor of Purity, or map variant The Brittle Emperor.
The Cache 6 Jewellery N/A N/A
The Calling 6 Beyond Item N/A The Calling can drop from Beyond demons.
The Chosen 5 Skin of the Lords
N/A The Chosen can drop from Breach encounters such as in Clasped Hand
The Coming Storm 8 Lightning Coil Colonnade Map • Graveyard Map • Infested Valley Map • Leyline Map • Shipyard Map • Villa Map • Wharf Map N/A
The Conduit 9 Doryani's Fist N/A Dominus and map-based variants.
The Craving 4 Unending Hunger Bone Crypt Map The Craving can only drop from Bone Crypt Map Boss
The Cursed King 8 Rigwald's Curse Caer Blaidd, Wolfpack's Den N/A
The Damned 6 Soul Ripper Ancient City Map • Vaults of Atziri • Vaal Temple Map N/A
The Darkest Dream 6 Severed in Sleep
Whakawairua Tuahu N/A
The Deceiver 4 Belt of the Deceiver
The Grand Arena • Arena Map • Colosseum Map N/A
The Deceiver 4 Belt of the Deceiver
The Grand Arena • Arena Map • Colosseum Map N/A
The Deep Ones 5 Tidebreaker The Brine King's Reef • Coral Ruins Map • Reef Map Drops from Tsoagoth, The Brine King or corresponding bosses.
The Demon 10 Headhunter
The Demoness 5 Death's Hand The Northern Forest (Act 7) N/A
The Doctor 8 Headhunter Burial Chambers Map • Spider Forest Map N/A
The Dragon 4 Coruscating Elixir Dark Forest Map N/A
The Dreamer 6 Chayula Item N/A The Dreamer can drop from Agents of the Void.
The Drunken Aristocrat 8 Divination Distillate The Sceptre of God • Residence Map N/A
The Endless Darkness 9 Voidforge The Beachhead (High Tier) • Harbinger Map • The Beachhead (Mid Tier) N/A
The Escape 5 Seven-League Step Oriath Delusion • Hysteriagate • Lunacy's Watch • The Bridge Enraptured • The Syndrome Encampment • Tul's Domain • Xoph's Domain • Esh's Domain N/A
The Eye of the Dragon 10 Jewel
The Boiling Lake • Marshes Map • Sulphur Vents Map N/A
The Fathomless Depths 8 Lightpoacher The Cavern of Anger (Act 6) • Flooded Mine Map • Underground Sea Map N/A
The Feast 5 Romira's Banquet
The Northern Forest (Act 2) • The Sewers • The Toxic Conduits • Lair of the Hydra Map • Toxic Sewer Map • Waste Pool Map N/A
The Fiend 11 Headhunter
The Putrid Cloister • Shrine Map N/A
The Fletcher 5 Drillneck
The Formless Sea 7 Varunastra Reef Map N/A
The Forsaken 7 Umbilicus Immortalis Bone Crypt Map • Olmec's Sanctum • The Coward's Trial N/A
The Garish Power 4 Jewel The Chamber of Sins Level 1 (Act 7) • The Chamber of Sins Level 2 (Act 7) • Overgrown Ruin Map • Overgrown Shrine Map N/A
The Gentleman 4 Sword
The Slums • The Sarn Ramparts • The Grain Gate • Ghetto Map N/A
The Gladiator 5 Nightmare Bascinet Daresso's Dream • The Grand Arena • Arena Map • Pit of the Chimera Map • Colosseum Map • Pit Map N/A
The Greatest Intentions 10 The Saviour
The Gulf 5 Thread of Hope
The Harvester 11 The Harvest The Imperial Fields N/A
The Hermit 9 Lifesprig The Broken Bridge (Act 7) • The Causeway • The Vaal City • The Crossroads (Act 7) • The Fellshrine Ruins (Act 7) • The Ashen Fields N/A
The Hive of Knowledge 6 Machina Mitts
Vaal Pyramid Map N/A
The Hunger 9 Taste of Hate The Belly of the Beast Level 1 • The Belly of the Beast Level 2 • The Harvest (area) • The Belly of the Beast (Act 9) • The Rotting Core • Carcass Map • Malformation Map • Phantasmagoria Map N/A
The Incantation 4 The Whispering Ice The Western Forest (Act 6) • Burial Chambers Map • Spider Forest Map N/A
The Insatiable 3 The Harvest
The Rotting Core • Carcass Map N/A
The King's Heart 8 Kaom's Heart The Coast (Act 6) • Caldera Map • Volcano Map N/A
The Last One Standing 10 Atziri's Disfavour The Hall of Grandmasters N/A
The Lich 12 Midnight Bargain
The Upper Prison • Bone Crypt Map Sawbones, Xixic, High Necromancer
The Life Thief 6 Zerphi's Heart N/A N/A
The Lion 5 Lioneye Item The Mud Flats (Act 6) • Caldera Map • Glacier Map N/A
The Lunaris Priestess 5 Sire of Shards The Lunaris Temple Level 1 (Act 3) • The Lunaris Temple Level 1 (Act 8) • The Lunaris Temple Level 2 (Act 8) • The Twilight Temple • Shrine Map N/A
The Master 4 Bisco's Collar Pen Map N/A
The Mercenary 5 Shield
The Broken Bridge (Act 7) • Castle Ruins Map N/A
The Messenger 4 Harbinger Fragment Crystal Ore Map N/A
The Nurse 8 The Doctor Shavronne's Tower • Arachnid Tomb Map • Tower Map N/A
The Oath 6 Death's Oath The Belly of the Beast (Act 9) • The Rotting Core • Carcass Map • Core Map • Malformation Map • Phantasmagoria Map N/A
The Offering 8 Shavronne's Wrappings The Rotting Core • Cells Map • Core Map • Scriptorium Map • Tower Map Drops from Shavronne of Umbra and her map boss variants.
The One With All 6 Le Heup of All
The Tidal Island (Act 6) • Oba's Cursed Trove N/A
The Pack Leader 6 Alpha's Howl Jungle Valley Map • Tropical Island Map N/A
The Pact 9 Pledge of Hands The Quay • Pier Map • Port Map N/A
The Penitent 5 Unset Ring Cells Map N/A
The Poet 9 Blood of Corruption
The Marketplace • The Quay • Alleyways Map • Arcade Map N/A
The Polymath 3 Astramentis The Reliquary (Act 5) • The Reliquary (Act 10) • Museum Map • Relic Chambers Map N/A
The Price of Loyalty 4 Skin of the Loyal
Item Level: 25
The Primordial 5 Jewel
Coves Map • Flooded Mine Map • Geode Map • Grotto Map • Peninsula Map • Vault Map • Waterways Map • Wharf Map N/A
The Progeny of Lunaris 2 Dying Sun N/A N/A
The Queen 16 Atziri's Acuity Vaults of Atziri N/A
The Risk 3 Ventor's Gamble N/A The Risk can drop from the following loot containers:
* Diviner's Strongbox
* Izaro's Treasure in the Endgame Labyrinth
The Ruthless Ceinture 7 Meginord's Girdle
The Descent • The Foothills • Dig Map • Maze of the Minotaur Map • Summit Map N/A
The Samurai's Eye 3 Watcher's Eye N/A This item can be acquired from an Abyssal Lich in the Abyssal Depths.
The Scarred Meadow 9 Wake of Destruction The Old Fields • Ashen Wood Map • Fields Map • Peninsula Map N/A
The Scavenger 8 Carcass Jack The Aqueduct • Channel Map • Chateau Map • Underground River Map The Hundred Foot Shadow, The Winged Death, Hephaeus, The Hammer, It That Fell
The Siren 7 The Whispering Ice
The Cavern of Anger (Act 6) • The Brine King's Reef • Maelström of Chaos • Underground Sea Map N/A
The Soul 9 Soul Taker Cells Map • Overgrown Shrine Map • Sepulchre Map • Crater Map N/A
The Spark and the Flame 2 Berek's Respite Atoll Map • Maelström of Chaos • Plateau Map N/A
The Standoff 3 Rustic Sash The Torched Courts (Act 5) • The Torched Courts (Act 10) • Bone Crypt Map • Lava Chamber Map • Forge of the Phoenix Map • Crater Map N/A
The Stormcaller 4 Agnerod Staff N/A N/A
The Strategist 6 Inspired Learning
The Sun 7 Rise of the Phoenix The Solaris Temple Level 1 (Act 3) • The Solaris Temple Level 2 (Act 3) • The Solaris Temple Level 1 (Act 8) • Ivory Temple Map • The Twilight Temple • Temple Map N/A
The Sustenance 3 Energy From Within
The Sword King's Salute 7 Daresso's Salute Colosseum Map N/A
The Thaumaturgist 8 Shavronne's Revelation
Shrine Map N/A
The Throne 2 Kaom's Roots
Lair of the Hydra Map • Toxic Sewer Map • Waste Pool Map N/A
The Tower 6 Staff The Sceptre of God • The Upper Sceptre of God • Shavronne's Tower • Residence Map • Tower Map N/A
The Traitor 4 Wand
The Battlefront • The Sarn Ramparts • The Solaris Concourse • Promenade Map • Ramparts Map N/A
The Undaunted 5 Nemesis Item
Basilica Map • Courthouse Map • Precinct Map N/A
The Unexpected Prize 2 Attribute Transforming Jewel Residence Map N/A
The Valkyrie 8 Nemesis Item N/A The Valkyrie has been reported to drop from Rogue exiles regardless of map type or world area.
The Vast 7 Song of the Sirens Coral Ruins Map • Reef Map N/A
The Visionary 6 Lioneye's Vision The Grand Arena • Arena Map • Colosseum Map • Racecourse Map N/A
The Watcher 12 Crown of Eyes Geode Map • Grotto Map N/A
The Wind 7 Windripper Atoll Map • Jungle Valley Map N/A
The Witch 8 Kiara's Determination Burial Chambers Map • Spider Forest Map N/A
The Wolf 5 Rigwald Item Flooded Mine Map N/A
The Wolf's Shadow 3 Hyaon's Fury Lair Map • Underground River Map • Caer Blaidd, Wolfpack's Den N/A
The Wolven King's Bite 8 Rigwald's Quills Dark Forest Map • Lair Map N/A
The Wolverine 4 Claw
Prisoner's Gate (Act 6) • Glacier Map • Summit Map N/A
The World Eater 8 Starforge N/A N/A
The Wretched 6 Belt Bone Crypt Map • Cells Map • Cursed Crypt Map • The Coward's Trial • Dungeon Map • Necropolis Map • Overgrown Ruin Map • Acton's Nightmare • Forge of the Phoenix Map • Primordial Blocks Map • Tower Map N/A
Thirst for Knowledge 5 Gluttony The Library • The Archives • Academy Map • Museum Map N/A
Thunderous Skies 5 Storm Cloud The Twilight Strand (Act 6) • Shavronne's Tower • Courtyard Map • Strand Map • Tower Map N/A
Time-Lost Relic 10 League-Specific Item N/A N/A
Tranquillity 7 Voltaxic Rift The Ashen Fields • Fields Map N/A
Turn the Other Cheek 3 Pacifism
The Library N/A
Unchained 4 Facebreaker
Vanity 9 Tabula Rasa

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