PoE Lake of Kalandra Changes

3.19.1c Patch Notes

  • Gems are no longer a possible chest reward from Tier 3 and 4 generic encounters in the Lake of Kalandra and, for the most part, have been replaced by Currency chests.
  • Reflection of the Dream now has 50% increased Monster density (previously 100%), and the Breach now opens and closes 30% slower. This is both for reasons related to performance and the difficulty level of the encounter.
  • Added a warning message that will display in the Mirrored Tablet interface when performing an action that disconnects one or more tiles, preventing them from being accessed.

Lake of Kalandra Changes 3.19.1 Patch Notes

  • Increased the amount of Reflecting Mist you encounter by roughly 50%.
  • The remaining uses of the Reroll, Skip, and Exile Reflection Abilities for the Mirrored Tablet are no longer shared between all characters in a League.
  • Breachlords spawned in Reflection of the Breachlord now spawn closer to the start of the Breach.
  • Rock formations in the Lake of Kalandra now block projectiles, allowing you to hide from enemy attacks.
  • Widened some bridges connecting Reflection Tiles in the Lake of Kalandra.
  • League Reflections where Kalandra is present now have intro and outro dialogue.

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3.19.0g Patch Notes

This patch contains changes to the Storm Strider Archnemesis modifier, the ability to see completed tiles in the Lake of Kalandra, improvements to Spark and Lightning Strike projectiles, as well as bug fixes of both small- and medium-importance.


  • Lightning Mirages spawned by monsters with the Storm Strider modifier now spawn a short distance away from the player, instead of right on top of them. Monsters with this modifier now have a 2 second global cooldown for Triggering a Lightning Mirage when Hit (previously 0.75 second), and Lightning Mirages now have a 1 second cooldown until they can use their explosive skill (previously 2 seconds).
  • Reduced the terrain collision size of Spark and Lightning Strike projectiles by 50%. This also fixes a longstanding bug where Spark projectiles sometimes weren't created if cast up against a wall.
  • Completed tiles in the Lake of Kalandra are now faded out when displayed on the Lake Map.
  • Lore objects in the Lake of Kalandra will now appear in order, with a random lore object appearing if you have already seen them all.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug which caused the damage dealt by Galvanic Field to not scale with shock effect.
  • Fixed a bug where Ghost Reaver could apply 50% less Recharge Rate to Life when allocated in combination with Eternal Youth.
  • Fixed a bug where Tentacles in The Uber Eater of Worlds Boss Fight could sometimes be invisible or deal delayed damage.
  • Fixed a bug where Rare Monsters with the Mirror Image modifier could sometimes become untargetable.
  • Fixed a bug where packs of Harbinger Monsters would not spawn when your Traps, Mines, Totems, or Minions killed an enemy in Maps with Kirac's Memory of Survivor's Guilt.
  • Fixed a bug where Kirac could offer Maps not currently found on the Atlas as a Mission.
  • Fixed a bug where it was possible to corrupt Maps into others not found on the Atlas, such as Shaper Guardian Maps.
  • Fixed a bug where players were able to display segments of the Kalandra Challenge Trophy they had not yet unlocked.
  • Fixed a bug where Remove-only Stash Tabs could still display with the "Hide Remove-only Tabs" option selected after changing areas.
  • Fixed a bug where summoned microtransaction pets would not update their movement speed to match increases or reductions to your movement speed.
  • Fixed a bug where the Recombinator User Interface was not functional in Controller input mode.
  • Fixed a client crash that could occur when moving a Stash Tab into a Stash Folder in Controller input mode.
  • Fixed a rare client crash.

This patch has been deployed without restarting the servers, however you will need to restart your client to patch the client fixes.

3.19.0f Patch Notes

  • The chance for Rewards from Metamorphs to be doubled in Metamorph Reflections has been increased at all difficulties.
  • Metamorphs in Reflection of Metamorph now have 3 additional rewards.
  • Halved the amount of increased life provided to Metamorphs in Reflection of Catalysis. Metamorphs from this Reflection now have 8 additional rewards, though Catalysts dropped by Metamorphs are no longer Duplicated.
  • Metamorphs in Reflection of Experimentation now have 8 additional rewards, and Catalysts dropped by Metamorphs are now Duplicated.
  • Legion Encounters found in Legion Reflections now have 100% increased Duration.
  • Reduced the damage of Effigy of Virulent Undeath's Rain of Arrows Skill.
  • Reduced the damage of Effigy of Wintry Undeath's Spectral Shield Throw Skill.

Lake of Kalandra Balance Change: Rare Monster Normalisation

A lot of league content was spawning way too many rare monsters compared to the rest of the game. In line with Philosophy Two, and general player concerns about being overwhelmed by too many hard Archnemesis monsters in some encounters, we reviewed most league content in Path of Exile with a goal of making the rate of encountering rare monsters consistent.

There are three changes that needed to happen at the same time as this:

1. The addition of interesting rewards to some Archnemesis Mods that scale with both Item Rarity/Quantity (Philosophy One) and yield very valuable outcomes if combined in the right combinations to create moments of excitement as valuable rewards drop.
2. An adjustment to the average number of Archnemesis Modifiers on rare monsters to increase difficulty, justify the higher rewards and create more random interesting encounters that add variance to gameplay.
3. A rebalance of Archnemesis Modifiers to account for the fact that rare monsters now have multiple modifiers more frequently. This step was not performed until after release feedback came in. It was not deemed necessary at the time, and required extensive community feedback before we did it. This was a mistake and we should not have been so stubborn about it.

Lake of Kalandra Balance Change: Monster Item Rarity and Quantity Normalisation

As described above, various valuable Archnemesis modifiers convert drops in a way that directly benefits from item rarity and item quantity bonuses. When we were balancing and testing this, we wondered why certain league monsters were dropping significantly more items than regular monsters. It turned out that this was due to item rarity or quantity bonuses that were historically applied to monsters to make leagues feel rewarding. When combined with the new drop conversion system, these bonuses stacked exponentially and caused far too many rewards.

In line with Philosophy Three, we rebalanced league monsters so that they were twice as rewarding as regular monsters and didn't have these existing bonuses. To be clear, the bonuses were inconsistent and arbitrary. For example, Yellow beasts dropped more items than Red beasts. Incursion monsters didn't have any Increased Quantity, just increased Rarity, but Harvest monsters had both. This change was not mentioned in the patch notes.

Now we get to Beyond. This was beyond broken for map juicing, sometimes spawning over 200 unique monsters in a map. The amount of items that came from Beyond was just ridiculous. It is not okay for fifteen thousand unique items to drop in the same map. The new version is more reasonable (allowing up to one unique beyond boss per map), which is honestly a gigantic nerf. But it was intentional, and we mentioned in the livestream it was reworked, with more details in the patch notes. While we took away the extreme juice opportunity, we added a dedicated reward for Beyond: Tainted Currency Items.

PoE Lake of Kalandra Changes 3.19.0e Patch Notes

  • Increased the quantity of Splinters found in Breach Hands in Breach Reflections at all difficulties.
  • Reflection of the Dream no longer causes the Breach to open and close 50% faster, instead now spawning more monsters.
  • Reflection of the Breachlord now causes the Breach to open and close 30% slower, to provide more time to kill Breachlord.
  • Increased the chance for Imprisoned Monsters to have additional Essences in Essence Reflections at all difficulties.
  • Increased the quantity of Artifacts dropped by Monsters in Expedition Reflections at all difficulties.
  • Increased the quantity of Currency Shards from Harbingers in Harbinger Reflections at all difficulties.
  • Increased the quantity of Splinters found from Legion Encounters in Legion Reflections at all difficulties.
  • Increased the duration of Shrine Buffs on Players in Shrine Reflections at all difficulties.
  • The number of Rats spawned in Beyond Reflections has been reduced for performance reasons. The chance to spawn a Beyond Boss in these Reflections has been increased to compensate, and the quantity of Tainted Currency dropped by Beyond Demons in Beyond Reflections has also been increased at all difficulties.
  • The Reflecting Mists now only displays item slots when you’re able to place an Amulet or Ring into them, to avoid confusion.

3.19.0c Patch Notes

  • Increased the likelihood of being able to make multiple choices at a Mirrored Tablet in early yellow Maps.
  • It is now possible to make three choices at a Mirrored Tablet in red Maps.
  • Massively increased the chest rewards from non-league encounters throughout the Lake, particularly at higher map levels and difficulties.

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