PoE How To Use Allflame Making Currency

Allflame Embers themselves aren’t directly used for making currency, but they can be a key part of a currency-making strategy in Path of Exile. Here’s how:

The Allflame Approach:

Atlas Passive Investment: Allocate points in your Atlas Passive Tree to unlock specific "Allflame" options. These options increase the chance of encountering specific monster types when using scarabs or activating certain mechanics.

Targeted Currency Drops: Focus on Allflame options that grant encounters with monsters known to drop valuable currency. This might include options like "Rogue Exiles" or "Beyond Demons."

Maximize Map Efficiency: Build a character that can clear maps quickly and efficiently. This allows you to encounter more monsters and potentially acquire more Allflame-influenced currency drops.

Trading or Personal Use: The valuable currency you find can be used for crafting, buying gear upgrades, or selling to other players for Chaos Orbs, Exalted Orbs, or Divine Orbs.

Things to Consider:

Investment vs. Reward: Speccing into Allflame nodes requires sacrificing points in other potentially beneficial areas of the Atlas tree. Weigh the potential currency gains against the opportunity cost.

League Meta: The effectiveness of this method depends on the current league mechanic and which monster types are most profitable. Research what’s valuable in your current league.

Trading Efficiency: Selling large quantities of currency can be time-consuming. Consider using tools like official trade channels or currency exchange websites.

Alternatives to Allflames: Several other strategies are popular for making currency, such as focusing on strongboxes, shrines, or specific map mechanics like Blight encounters or Heist contracts.

Remember: Experimentation and finding a strategy that suits your playstyle are key to success!

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