Conquering the Atlas: A Guide to PoE Map Progression and Currency Farming

The Atlas of Worlds in Path of Exile is a vast endgame where you delve into challenging maps, unlock powerful rewards, and amass wealth. Here’s a breakdown of how to navigate the Atlas and optimize your poe currency farming:

Unlocking Atlas Potential:

  • Map Completion Matters: Completing maps is key to unlocking Atlas points. You complete a map by defeating its final boss for the first time.
  • Tier Requirements for Bonus Points: To maximize your Atlas points from each map, run them at specific rarities:
    • White Maps (Tiers 1-5): Magic rarity or higher
    • Yellow Maps (Tiers 6-10): Rare rarity or higher
    • Red Maps (Tiers 11+): Rare and Corrupted rarity
    • Unique Maps: Completion grants bonus points regardless of rarity.
  • Tracking Your Progress: Use the map stash tab’s indicator lines to see which maps you’ve completed for bonus points:
    • Pale line: Basic map completion
    • Bold line: Completion with the required rarity for bonus points

Getting Started:

  1. Conquer White Maps: Begin by completing white maps from Tiers 1 to 5. Focus on maps without indicator lines in your stash.
  2. Invest in Atlas Passives: Allocate points in the Atlas Passive Skill Tree to Kirac and Maps to boost connected and higher-tier map drops.
  3. Natural Map Drops: As you progress, you’ll acquire new maps naturally.
  4. Vendor Recipe for Higher Tiers: If you need specific higher-tier maps, collect three identical white maps and sell them to a vendor. This will convert them into a single map of the next tier (e.g., three Tier 5 white maps become one Tier 6 yellow map).

Kirac’s Map Stash:

  1. Refreshing Inventory: Kirac’s shop offers yellow and red maps as you advance through the tiers. His stock refreshes whenever you activate a Kirac Atlas mission (regardless of completion).
  2. Cost-Effective Option: Buying maps from Kirac is often cheaper than purchasing them from other players.

Progressing Through the Tiers:

Once you’ve completed a good number of white maps, gradually move on to yellow (Tiers 6-10) and red maps (Tiers 11-16). By following these steps and strategically using Atlas points and Kirac’s shop, you’ll be well on your way to conquering the Atlas and amassing wealth in Path of Exile!

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