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PoE 3.19 added a new Ring base item type: Bone Ring.

Bone Ring

This Ring has an Implicit Minion Elemental Resistances modifier, and can roll Minion-related modifiers.

Minion Elemental Resistances modifier: Minions have +x% to all Elemental Resistance. Note that Chaos damage is not elemental, thus "+% to all Elemental Resistances" does not affect chaos, but "+% to all maximum Resistances" does.

Example: Kraken Band Bone Ring

Requires Level 51.

  • Minions have +13% to all elemental resistances
  • +14% to all attributes
  • +35 to dexterity
  • adds 17 to 33 fire damage to attacks
  • +40% to fire resistance
  • +66% to lightning resistance
  • minions have 30% increased movement speed
  • minions deal 32% increased damage

Kraken Band Bone Ring

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Minion-related modifiers

Neither passive skills nor stats from the player’s equipment affect minions unless they specifically state “Minions _____”.

Life flasks can have a suffix that grants minions a part of the life flask recovery. This effect works even when the player has full life or Chaos Inoculation. If a player has equipped Umbilicus Immortalis – flasks effects apply to their spectres and zombies.

List of Modifiers that can spawn on magic and rare items: (List does not include all modifiers)

  • Minions deal #% increased damage
  • Minions deal # to # additional [damage type] damage
  • Minions have #% increased Attack Speed
  • Minions have #% increased Cast Speed
  • Minions have #% increased maximum Life
  • Minions have #% increased Movement Speed
  • Minions have # to Accuracy Rating
  • Minions have #% chance to Taunt on Hit with Attacks
  • Minions have #% chance to Blind on Hit with Attacks
  • # to Level of Socketed Minion Gems

Minion Damage

  • Damage Types – Zombies, Animate Guardian, Animate Weapons, Holy Relic, Sentinels of Dominance, Sentinels of Purity, Skeletons and Stone Golems deal physical damage, Spectres and Dominated deal whatever damage they did before they died, Raging Spirits deal physical damage of which 50% is converted to fire (much like Infernal Blow), and the four other Golems do damage in accordance with their names (chaos, fire, cold, lightning).
  • Critical strikes – Most minions have a base critical strike chance of 5% and a base critical strike multiplier of 1.3 times the damage. Raise Spectre and Animate Weapon are capable of creating exceptions to these previous 2 rules. Minions gain the charge benefits of monsters, which means each power charge is +200% increased critical strike chance.

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