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Inside the Sanctum, you will find gold coins called Aureus, a currency that the Templar used for commerce.

  • Aureus is a type of non-tradeable currency similar to Azurite which can be found in the Sanctum. Aureus is collected automatically when the player is near it.
  • Aureus can be traded to the merchant for various Boons or Templar Relics.
  • Aureus is maintained between rooms and floors, and is lost when the Sanctum run ends.
  • Aureus drops from Templar Stash chests, as well as from Guards and Bosses when killed

How to get Aureus Coins?

It’s stored in treasure chests and falls from slain monsters.

Aureus Coins

The Forbidden Sanctum is home to many bosses, including random miniboss encounters, bosses at the end of each floor and an ultimate showdown against the entity that controls the Sanctum. These fights yield valuable rewards including Relics, piles of Aureus coins, masses of experience, new Unique Items and more.

Treasure Chests: Templar Cache

Treasure Chests: Templar Cache

Spend your Aureus Coins

Although these coins belong to the Sanctum and will not leave with you, they can be traded with a merchant who you may encounter from time to time. Spend your Aureus wisely as it can be used to purchase a crucial boon when the time is right.

The Sanctum’s rooms hold many secrets. Some contain ancient fountains you can rest at to restore a portion of your resolve. Others will curse you with an affliction, hindering your progress. These afflictions stack up as you explore deeper and deeper within the Sanctum. You can also receive boons, blessings that help you overcome the Sanctum’s dangers. Each time you enter the Sanctum, you will encounter a unique layout that you must assess and adapt to as you explore.

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What happens if I crash while in The Forbidden Sanctum?

When you play your next map you'll be able to replay the same room you were up to. Aureus coins and rewards are only locked in upon successful completion of a room.

3.20.0b Patch Notes: The pickup range of Aureus Coins has been increased, and you're now able to pick them up slightly sooner after they drop.

Boon: Gold Magnet

  • 40% more Aureus coins found

Boon: Gold Magnet

Boon: Gold Trophy

  • Your Aureus coins are increased by 10% on room completion
  • (removed when you purchase something from the Merchant)

PoE Boon: Gold Trophy

Boon: Gold Mine

  • Aureus coins found on this floor are doubled

Boon: Gold Mine

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