PoE 3.20 New Vendor Recipes

1. New Scarab Recipes

PoE 3.20: added a vendor recipe that can be used to upgrade Scarabs between tiers using the usual 3:1 ratio (up to Gilded Scarabs).

Added an ‘Upgrade’ button in the Fragment Stash Tab that can upgrade your Scarabs in this way, similar to the upgrade function in the Essence Stash Tab.

Outcome Upgrade Vendor Recipes
1x Polished Scarab 3x the same Rusted Scarab
1x Gilded Scarab 3x the same Polished Scarab

New Vendor Recipes 3.20

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2. Nine new Beastcrafting recipes

Einhar's Memory of Crystal Prisons Einhar’s Memory of Harvest Beasts is an Atlas Memory.

This Memory Lane allows you to capture Harvest monsters as Beasts for your Menagerie. These Harvest beasts can be used in nine new Beast crafting recipes.

  • These recipes cover an array of options. For example, you can remove one of the special modifiers from a Watcher’s Eye Jewel and then add another. This can have potent results but won’t affect the life Mana or Energy Shield modifiers.
  • You can re-roll an awakened gem from one type to another.
  • Another example is that you can also re-roll a synthesis implicit modifier if your item is more than one synthesis simplicit. It will randomly reroll one of them.

Einhar's Memory of Harvest Beasts Recipes

3. Jewels Recipes

  • Combat Focus can now be obtained through a vendor recipe.
  • Added 6 new vendor recipes for Dead Reckoning, Endless Misery, Spirit Guards and the three Combat Focus Unique Jewels. Happy hunting!

Endless Misery Recipe

  • 1x Discharge (20% quality)
  • 1x Second Wind Support (20% quality)
  • 1x Concentrated Effect Support (20% quality)

Combat Focus Recipe

  • 1x Elemental Hit (20% quality)
  • 1x Ruby Ring
  • 1x Sapphire Ring

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