PoE 2 Stunned – Path of Exile 2

Path of Exile 2 Stunned

After being Stunned or Frozen, both you and enemies are more resistant to being Stunned or Frozen again.

PoE 2 Stunned

Repeatedly damaging enemies can cause them to be Stunned.

PoE 2 Stunned

Stun, Freeze and Immobilisation

  • Stun, Freeze and Immobilise can be applied right away if you deal enough damage.
  • If you don't apply it right away, it'll build up on the enemy, making it easier to apply with the next hit.
  • Once you do apply it, there is a higher threshold for all these effects for a duration, so it's easier to lock an enemy down at the start of a fight, buy they become more resistant the more you and your allies attempt to control them.
  • The same goes for the player -- if stunned, you're more resistant to further stuns for a time.
  • The player only stores this for a brief period, so swarm of enemies could stun you if they hit you close together. Big hits are always better at stunning.

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