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Path of Exile 2 Stunned

After being Stunned or Frozen, both you and enemies are more resistant to being Stunned or Frozen again.

PoE 2 Stunned

Repeatedly damaging enemies can cause them to be Stunned.

PoE 2 Stunned

Stun, Freeze and Immobilisation

  • Stun, Freeze and Immobilise can be applied right away if you deal enough damage.
  • If you don't apply it right away, it'll build up on the enemy, making it easier to apply with the next hit.
  • Once you do apply it, there is a higher threshold for all these effects for a duration, so it's easier to lock an enemy down at the start of a fight, buy they become more resistant the more you and your allies attempt to control them.
  • The same goes for the player -- if stunned, you're more resistant to further stuns for a time.
  • The player only stores this for a brief period, so swarm of enemies could stun you if they hit you close together. Big hits are always better at stunning.

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Here are some details related to stun mentioned in the video:

  • Currently, stun duration is very short and it can feel unfair to players as they lose control of their character.
  • The developers are considering making the stun threshold higher based on the character's build, especially for strength characters.
  • This means it will be harder to stun such characters with small hits.
  • The developers are also looking into ways to improve the signaling of incoming attacks so that players have more time to react.

Here's what we know so far about Stun in Path of Exile 2 (PoE 2), incorporating insights from the available information and potential comparisons to Path of Exile 1 (PoE 1):

Core Mechanic Likely Remains:

  • Similar Functionality: Stun will likely function similarly to PoE 1, where dealing a sufficient amount of damage in a single hit can interrupt an enemy's action and briefly disable them.

Potentially Modified Thresholds:

  • Focus on Active Gameplay: The developers have expressed a desire to move away from purely passive gameplay. This suggests that Stun thresholds might be adjusted to prevent them from completely trivializing encounters.

Emphasis on Strategic Use:

  • Enemy Variations: Different enemy types might have varying resistances or vulnerabilities to Stun, requiring players to adapt their strategies accordingly.
  • Stat Investment: Investing in character stats or acquiring items that enhance Stun chance or duration could become more strategically relevant.

Potential Interactions with New Mechanics:

  • Dodge Roll: The introduction of the Dodge Roll might create opportunities to strategically utilize Stun to create openings for maneuvering or landing additional attacks.
  • Unique Ascendancy Classes: Specific Ascendancy Classes or passive skills might offer bonuses related to inflicting Stun on enemies.

Limited Information on Specifics:

  • Concrete details regarding Stun mechanics like exact damage thresholds, scaling factors, and interaction with new skills or items are currently unavailable.

Sources for Staying Updated:

  • Official Path of Exile 2 Website: https://pathofexile2.com/ While specifics are scarce, the website might reveal information about new mechanics related to Stun or its interaction with other aspects of the game closer to release.
  • Developer Updates: Keep an eye on Path of Exile 2's official channels for announcements regarding potential changes to Stun mechanics based on testing phases.

Here are some additional considerations:

  • Mitigating Stun: Similar to PoE 1, enemies might have ways to resist or recover from Stun quicker, requiring players to employ a combination of tactics.
  • Crowd Control (CC) Focus: Stun might be one of several CC mechanics available, alongside potential new options like slows or staggers.


While the core functionality of Stun is likely to remain similar to PoE 1, expect adjustments to ensure it serves as a strategic tool rather than an absolute form of crowd control. Staying informed through official channels will provide a clearer picture of how Stun interacts with other mechanics and how it factors into overall gameplay in PoE 2.

Important Note:

Path of Exile 2 is still under development, and the specifics of Stun mechanics might undergo changes based on testing and balancing.

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