PoE 2 Dodge Roll – Path of Exile 2

Path of Exile 2 Dodge Roll

  • Press Spacebar to Dodge Roll.
  • Dodge Roll can cancel out of most actions.
  • At the start of the roll, you'll avoid any melee attacks or smaller projectiles.
  • There is no restriction on how often you can dodge roll.
  • Dodge Roll can't be cancelled, and you are resistant to stun during the dodge.
  • Dodge Roll isn't faster than running.

PoE 2 Dodge Roll

Players will have access to a dodge roll at all times, using the spacebar button by default. It has no cooldown or other limitations and can be further modified via the passive tree. The start of the roll animation avoids projectiles and attacks, and can be used to cancel skill animations. Rolls cannot be cancelled, however. Rolling covers more initial distance but overall travels the same distance as walking. Roll speed is affected by movement speed. You can roll while transformed.

Dodge Rolls are a new ability coming in Path of Exile 2 that allow you to quickly escape hazards but at a cost – it’s a bit slow! Here’s what we know so far about Dodge Rolls:

All characters are able to dodge roll as a baseline, the default keybind is your spacebar, which adds a new type of movement ability to everyone however, what about that slow part; Even though it can be spammed, it is not faster than simply walking. This is different than abilities like Flame Dash in the original Path of Exile which would let characters not only avoid hazards but also run across maps quickly thanks to its 3 charges. This roll is meant purely for defense.

Dodge Rolls come with another benefit though – most actions your character is taking can be cancelled by performing a roll. Mid cast and about to get hit? You’re good to live another day, Exile! Another perk of Dodge Rolling is that at the start of the action,  you’ll avoid melee attacks and smaller projectiles.

Though with upsides, does come an additional downside beside it being slower than walking. If you are in the middle of a Dodge Roll, you cannot cancel out of it.

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Mana cost is spent throughout the skill instead of on use; cancelling the skill or getting stunned will not consume mana. Most skills can be cancelled, with dodge roll forcibly cancelling most skills.

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