Picking Up the Pieces

Picking Up the Pieces Guide

Start  Talk to Kirac(location: Oriath (Epilogue))
Objective  Rebuild the Map Device
Completion  Talk to Kirac

Picking Up the Pieces Walkthrough

(1) Talk to Kirac

  1. Travel to The Templar Laboratory
  2. Talk to Kirac about the explosion in the Templar Laboratory

(2) Find Vault Key

  1. Travel to The Fallen Courts
  2. Find Vault Key from Dominus’ desk

Tip: Physically run around the borders of Oriath Square to find the (newly spawned and not showing on the area map, yet) entrance to The Fallen Courts.

Find Vault Key

(3) Unlock the Vault of Venarius

  1. Travel to The Haunted Reliquary
  2. Unlock the Vault of Venarius

Picking up the pieces locked door?

Search the Vault of Venarius Tips: Something similar was happening for me, but when I just immediately went to press the two key vaults one after the other(so it seems like it's a timed event) it opened for me and I was able to proceed. Maybe this will work for you.

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(4) Obtain a personal Hideout

  1. Talk to Helena in Epilogue to obtain a personal Hideout

(5) Rebuild the Map Device

  1. Meet Kirac in your Hideout to rebuild the Map Device

Quest Rewards

Quest Complete – You have rebuilt the Map Device and received a Map from Kirac.

Class → Witch Shadow Ranger Duelist Marauder Templar Scion
Quest ↓
Picking Up the Pieces
Act 11
Desert Map (iLvl 68, Magic)
Glacier Map (iLvl 68, Magic)
Lookout Map (iLvl 68, Magic)
Tropical Island Map (iLvl 68, Magic)

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