Onward Brave Fool! – Flyff Universe

Onward Brave Fool! Quest

Description Enter the Dekane Dungeon and search for the Mysterious Woman.
Begin NPC Rankashu
End NPC Ainher
Location Darkon 1, 2
Level: 80~120
Complete Quest: The Dungeon Code
Penya: 80,000
EXP: 10% for Lv. 80
Chain Quest Yes
Repeatable No
Removable Yes
Party Share Yes

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Begin Ahh I see Cell has given you the code to enter the dungeon!
Just to be warned, the monsters in the dungeon are quite terrifying! If you feel you aren’t prepared for the quest, please go train some more!
Are you going to enter then and look for that woman?
Accept Well, you are the bravest fool I’ve ever met. Let’s hope this woman is worth all the effort! Hah!
Decline Changed your mind? Well if you aren’t busy, maybe you could go bring me some more Greemong Jelly and Syliaca Fillets! I kid I kid! Haha!
Complete Woah! Surprised me! Shouldn’t sneak up on a lady like that! Hehe.
Fail Well, are you going to head into the mine or are you reconsidering already??

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