Nowhere to Turn – Final Fantasy XIV

FFXIV Quest Nowhere to Turn is a level 80 main scenario quest. Kai-Shirr is anxious to see you and Alphinaud back to Eulmore. Category: Main Scenario (Shadowbringers) ⇒ Post-Shadowbringers Main Scenario Quests ⇒ The Voyage Home

  • Quest giver: Kai-Shirr
  • Location: Amh Araeng (X:28.8, Y:27.5)
  • Requirements Class/Job: Any Disciple of War or Magic (excluding limited jobs) Lv. 80
Nowhere to Turn


  1. Speak with Alphinaud in Eulmore.
  2. Search for Dulia-Chai.

FFXIV 5.1 MSQ 05: Nowhere to Turn

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NPC Locations

NPCs Involved: Kai-Shirr, Alphinaud, Halric, Dulia-Chai.

Name Area
Alphinaud Amh Araeng
(X:28.8 Y:27.5)
Halric Amh Araeng
(X:28.7 Y:27.5)
Alphinaud Eulmore
(X:11.6 Y:11.5)
Dulia-Chai Eulmore
(X:10.8 Y:10.2)
Kai-Shirr Eulmore
(X:11.6 Y:11.6)


Rewards Optional rewards
  • Experience: FFXIV Experience 0
  • Gil: FFXIV Gil1,152
  • 2 x Pixieberry Tea
  • 2 x Popoto Salad
  • 2 x Robe Lettuce Salad
  • 2 x Nightworld Silver Piece

Quest Progression

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Prerequisite Quest Main Scenario (Shadowbringers) > Post-Shadowbringers Main Scenario Quests: Good for the Soul Amh Araeng 80
Follow-up Quest Main Scenario (Shadowbringers) > Post-Shadowbringers Main Scenario Quests: A Notable Absence Eulmore 80




Whatever could be so urgent for Lady Chai to summon us thus?


M... Mothe... Al...


The future of Eulmore is at stake, is it? Well, do for them what you can, but keep an eye on Alphinaud, would you? See to it he doesn't involve himself more than is necessary.


Lady Chai's up in the parlor. Best not keep her waiting, eh?


It was the folks over at the Crystarium that told me you'd be down at Journey's Head. And lucky for me, you still were. Running 'round after people's tiring work.


Well, naught here seems out of the ordinary, though I do not see Lady Chai anywhere.


Probably pacing around outside again. Staring off into the distance and all that. Sighing.


Strange. Let's see if we can find her, and discover the source of her distress.


Oh, thank heavens you're here.


Lady Chai, whatever is the matter?


I...I knew not where else to turn. Oh, this is all too much for my poor heart to bear alone.


Alone? What of Master Chai?


But that is the very reason I summoned you! He's gone!


What!? What happened!?


It all began after the events at Mt. Gulg...With Lord Vauthry out of the way, we all agreed that a new leader must be chosen...

Alphinaud you held an election?


Yes. Well...sort of. Not a single person volunteered to stand, you see.

After a lifetime of leisure, we free citizens have grown somewhat...indolent. Readapting to the harsh realities of life is trying enough, but to take charge of a broken city as well? No one wanted such responsibility.

Nevertheless, Eulmore could not well do without a leader, sand so we decided that anyone and everyone should be considered a candidate. And after we cast our ballots and tallied the votes, the mayorship fell upon my dear husband.


Well, given the manner in which he orchestrated the construction of the giant Talos, none could deny leadership qualities.


But even before then, he had proven himself at Daedalus Stoneworks, don't forget. He is more than qualified for the role. The perfect choice.

Indeed, I told him as much when his victory was first announced.

But perhaps I was too forceful in my attempt to encourage him. For shortly after that, he vanished without a word...


You believe he was so daunted by the burden of leadership that he felt compelled to fell...?

Please, Lady Chai, dry your eyes.

Your husband does not strike me as the sort of man who would abandon his duty, much less his beloved wife. There has to be some other reason for his absence.

Dulia-Chai truly think so?What about you? What do you think has become of my husband?
What will you say?
I don't know. But whatever it is, he won't have fled.
Sorry, but I think he's fled.


And there you have it, Lady Chai. You needn't worry. Master Chai loves you more than all the world, and he will return.


Nay, my friend. The one thing he has not done is flee--of that I am convinced. Through the most testing of times, he has ever remained at Lady Chai's side, placing her happiness before his own. He would not abandon her now.


Wherever he may have gone, rest assured we will find him.


Thank you, my dear boy. You have set my mind at ease. I will trust in my husband, and await his return.

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