NBA 2K24 Eclipse Player

Eclipse Challenge

Complete group to earn: xp 33500, Defender Pack. 0/14 completed.

Name Description Rewards
Leonard Points Score 20 points in a game with Eclipse Kawhi Leonard 2 times XP: 5000, Kawhi Leonard, Any Mode
Morant Dunks Make 3 dunks in a game with any Ja Morant 3 times XP: 5000, Ja Morant, Any Mode
Ming Blocks Get 2 blocks in a game with Eclipse Yao Ming 3 times XP: 5000, Ming Yao, Any Mode
Odom Double-Double Get 1 double-double with Eclipse Lamar Odom in a game XP: 3000, Lamar Odom, Any Mode
Green 3’s & Dunks Make 5 3-pointers and 5 dunks with Eclipse Jalen Green in a game XP: 3000, Jalen Green, Any Mode
Maxey Assists Get 30 assists with Eclipse Tyrese Maxey over multiple games XP: 2000, Tyrese Maxey, Any Mode
Hibbert Blocks Get 2 blocks in a game with Eclipse Roy Hibbert 2 times XP: 2000, Roy Hibbert, Any Mode
Payton II Steals Get 3 steals with Eclipse Gary Payton II over multiple games XP: 1500, Gary Payton II, Any Mode
Person 3’s & 3P% Make 7 3-pointers and shoot 70% 3P% or better with Eclipse Wesley Person in a game XP: 1500, Wesley Person, Any Mode
Vassell Points Score 20 points with Eclipse Devin Vassell in a game XP: 1500, Devin Vassell, Any Mode
OO Eclipse Dunks & AST Make 4 dunks and get 4 assists with an Original Owner Eclipse player in a game XP: 2500, Any, Eclipse, Any Mode,
Eclipse Challenge 1 Win the Amethyst Eclipse Triple Threat Challenge XP: 500, Any, Challenges
Eclipse Challenge 2 Win the Diamond Eclipse Triple Threat Challenge XP: 500, Any, Challenges
Eclipse Challenge 3 Win the Eclipse Challenge XP: 500, Any, Challenges

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NBA 2K24 Eclipse Player Pack Card

Ja Morant
Season 4/Eclipse
PG/SG9799996'3"6'7"175 lbs0, 2, 32, 15
Kawhi Leonard
Season 4/Eclipse
SF/PF9794996'7"7'3"225 lbs2, 3, 29, 15
Ming Yao
Season 4/Eclipse
C9799997'6"7'9"310 lbs0, 2, 12, 15
Jalen Green
Season 4/Eclipse
SG/SF9699906'6"6'7"178 lbs0, 1, 34, 10
Lamar Odom
Season 4/Eclipse
PF/SF9698986'10"6'11"230 lbs0, 1, 34, 10
Tyrese Maxey
Season 4/Eclipse
SG/PG9496896'2"6'5"200 lbs0, 2, 32, 6
Roy Hibbert
Season 4/Eclipse
C9490987'2"7'6"280 lbs1, 0, 11, 6
Gary Payton II
Season 4/Eclipse
SG/PG9188986'3"6'8"195 lbs0, 1, 40, 2
Devin Vassell
Season 4/Eclipse
SG/SF9187976'5"6'10"200 lbs0, 0, 38, 2
Wesley Person
Season 4/Eclipse
SG/SF9194906'6"6'9"200 lbs0, 3, 31, 2

Eclipse Packs In Myteam

Jan 20 – 27

Carve your path to greatness with MyTEAM Eclipse packs. Galaxy Opal Yao Ming brings his unstoppable post game back to MyTEAM. Boost in your defensive game with Galaxy Opal Kawhi Leonard or soar through the air with Galaxy Opal Ja Morant. Pink Diamond Jalen Green. Diamond Tyrese Maxey. Amethyst Gary Payton ll. Eclipse packs provide a variety of talented MyTEAM cards.

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