NBA 2K21 MT Farm: No Glitch

Best Way to Make MT in 2K21

So since they nerfed domination a while back there have been a lot of complaints about My Team being to money based. I have had the fortune of being able to buy some VC and go after chase cards but I know most people don’t. So here is a guide to getting better players/lots of MT in the current format and even going after Diamond Lebron without spending cash.

Domination Mode:

  1. Do NOT buy packs for teams you have yet to beat the domination mode for, it is quite a waste to pull a gold card from the domination packs who you already have. Just wait and get packs once you’ve beaten those teams.
  2. Winning 3 stars in domination mode has only one rule. Points. Get 75 points with an all bronze lineup=3 stars. 74 points won’t do it, believe me, I have gotten 74,75, and 76 points exactly before. It doesn’t matter if you win or lose, I usually don’t really try just intentional foul after half time, lose by 40+ and still get 3 stars.
  3. If you cant afford VC just replay domination mode with the players, not on your main team. An RTTP game is about 4500mt, and domination mode (even after getting the packs) is 6000mt if you get 75 points and you won’t use your main player’s contracts. Play the Wizards over and over, they may be slightly better in ratings than Philly for example, but they RUN on offense and don’t hold the ball taking precious time for you to score points. Philly for some reason is unrealistically patient on offense as opposed to in real life where they jack shots constantly.

Building a Good Domination Team, for all positions, Defense is irrelevant.

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Here is what you want:

PG: Fast, Good Layup, if you are lucky solid dunking. Think Isiah Cannan, Patty Mills, Nedovic, Norris Cole.

These will be your main scorers.

SG: Either Fast+good layup or Good Shooter. Think Tim Hardway III, Terrance Ross, Martell Webster

These will be your secondary scorers.

SF: 3pt Shooting, Think Carlos Delfino, Francisco Garcia, Jaren Jackson (spurs historic)

PF: 3pt Shooting, Think Rashard Lewis, Matt Bullard (89 3pt, Rockets historic)

C: Rebound, Standing Layup (not going to shoot a lot just for offensive rebounds and passes off of pick and roll/drives) Think Jan Vesely, Chris Anderson, Mychal Thompson (lakers historic), Will Purdue (spurs historic, 95+ off and def rebounding)

Play Style: Settings: Run in Transition, Create Chaos, Crash Offensive Boards

Offense: Try to get into the lane as quickly as possible, shoot quickly (think 6seconds offense), kick to shoots and rollers. Get free throws. Aim for 20pts per quarter. EDIT: Turn free throw difficulty to zero for easier free throws

Defense: Try to let them score as quickly as possible. Manual Centers and PFs to double team the ball handler, either they will find the open big man for a quick bucket or turn it over. And losing doesn’t matter even if it is by 40 points. After half-time, if you are not on pace for 75pts. Intentional Foul EVERY POSSESSION. Try to use your big men for these fouls as much as possible, you need the shooters to not foul out. Remember, you will not run out of players, the last 5 players CANNOT foul out in 2k.

Domination mode is approx. 33 free players some of which will be gold, and will help the main team. Also 6k per game MT racks up to packs quickly. In searching for Diamond Lebron I got Afflalo, Thaddeus Young, and Al Horford (so far) from my domination packs, which saved me spending any MT on those packs.

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