MW3 River (+ Bridge Building, Bar, Repair Shop, Town Hall, Market Street) – Modern Warfare 3


The River marks the most contentious point on the map, its course dividing the map down the middle, with three bridges and a stairway at either end providing access to the other side. Due to its low volume, Operators can jump down into the River and run over its surface, though be warned: Unless you have the Covert Sneakers equipped, the splashing of your footsteps is a dead giveaway to your position.

The greatest danger lies in the buildings lining the River to either side. While several of them are inaccessible, the ones you can enter such as the Bar and Repair Shop on the west side and the Town Hall and apartments on the east provide access to a second story with vantage points over crucial segments of the River and the surrounding markets.

Map awareness is crucial here to avoid getting cut down when crossing. Use your minimap and the position of your allies to determine which areas are safe to travel and where the greatest crossfire is taking place.

Deploy to a village where a low-running River divides the main settlement from its more sparsely populated Outback. Group your forces when attempting to make a crossing and watch those corners when weaving through the clutter of buildings.


In Rundown, Operators descend into a village divided by its central River. To the west, a rugged Outback forces fights out into the open; race down to the Hotel to relocate the battle to a more compact arena. The main village lies to the east, a densely built area where all roads lead to the luxurious Mansion.

Navigating the environment requires quick thinking and the ability to pivot on a dime as danger looms around every corner and over the deadly River crossing. Get the advantage over your enemies by studying up on this guide to Rundown:


MW3 Rundown Map areas


MW3 Rundown Map hardpoints

domination flags

MW3 Rundown Map domination flags

search & destroy sites

MW3 Rundown Map search & destroy sites

spawn points

MW3 Rundown Map spawn points

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