MW3 Park – Modern Warfare 3


The Park takes up the north central portion of the map, and most of the skirmishes within its bounds become close-quarters fights. Its low walls, however, open sightlines in a nearly 360-degree view around the location. Use the section of high wall and the side of the building to protect your back when covering the area.

Whether defending or just passing through, the Park’s location between North Street to the west and South Street to the east makes it a crucial passage. Going up against the northern Embassy is a risky maneuver — just look at all those vantage points peering down into the Park — but with a decent Optic and fast aim, an assault on the fortification is possible.

Deploy to the Red Zone and engage in urban warfare at the site of a classic rescue mission. Consult the following recon for a detailed overview of the environment, game mode strategies, and tips to keep you in the lead.


When contact was lost with BCT One, the Rangers initiated a daring search and rescue in “Team Player,” the second mission in Call of Duty®: Modern Warfare® 2 (2009).

Deploy to the site of the battle in Invasion, a medium-sized Multiplayer map featuring tightknit buildings, close street fighting, and long-distance vantage points. In this urban layout, Operators must act fast and smart, turning the map’s risks into advantages.


MW3 Invasion Map areas


MW3 Invasion Map hardpoints

domination flags

MW3 Invasion Map domination flags

search & destroy sites

MW3 Invasion Map search & destroy sites

spawn points

MW3 Invasion Map spawn points

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