MW3 Inkblot Nova Bundle - Modern Warfare 3

Inkblot Nova Bundle

Does all cosmetic Operator Skin content carry forward?


Store Bundle Skins for all MWII Operators will carry forward. 

MW3 Operator Carry Forward

Example: When available, the Inkblot Nova Bundle (already available in MWII) can be purchased by either a MWII player or a MWIII player (in their respective Stores), and the “Enigma” Nova Skin (shown above) can be obtained.

However, as detailed in Question 3, players will only have access to this specific Skin and not Nova’s Base (default) Skin by purchasing the Bundle.

Bundle content created for MWIII will only be available for MWIII. See Question 17 (below) to view how current content is confirmed to be available in both games, in the current MWII Store.

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