Victories Earn You More Glory (and Coins!) in FC 24 Ultimate Team

Calling all FUT fanatics! FC 24 Ultimate Team rewards your dominance on the pitch. Buckle up, because here’s a key strategy to maximize your FC 24 Coin haul: winning matters!

The More Wins, the Merrier (and Wealthier):

Every victory in FC 24 Ultimate Team translates into a significant boost in FC Coin rewards compared to losses or draws. This system incentivizes strategic gameplay and rewards your competitive spirit. The more matches you win, the faster you’ll build your dream squad and unlock exciting new players.

Beyond Victory:

While winning is a surefire way to maximize your FC Coins, remember, there are other ways to earn virtual riches:

Complete Squad Building Challenges (SBCs): These challenges offer valuable rewards, including coveted players and FC Coins, for completing specific team-building objectives.

Compete in FUT Draft: Test your drafting skills and compete against other players to earn FC Coins and exclusive rewards.

Participate in Online Tournaments: Put your skills to the ultimate test and potentially win big with lucrative FC Coin rewards in online tournaments.


Winning isn’t everything, but it’s a great way to accelerate your progress in FC 24 Ultimate Team. Here are some tips to secure those sweet victory bonuses:

Master the Meta: Familiarize yourself with the current game meta and adapt your tactics accordingly.

Practice Makes Perfect: Hone your skills through training and practice matches to become a more formidable opponent on the virtual pitch.

Teamwork Makes the Dream Work: Build team chemistry and develop strong tactical strategies for a more cohesive and successful squad.

Dominate the Pitch and Earn Big:

By prioritizing victories and exploring other earning methods, you’ll be well on your way to becoming a dominant force in FC 24 Ultimate Team. Remember, the thrill of competition, the strategic battles, and the joy of building a championship team are the true rewards of the game. So get out there, hone your skills, and secure those FC Coin victories!

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