Modern Warfare 2 Lockwood Mk2 Best Loadout Build MW2

The Lockwood Mk2 is a type of Marksman Rifle weapon in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 (MW2). Check here for complete info on the best loadouts and attachments of the Lockwood Mk2, as well as its stats and how to use this weapon!

The Lockwood Mk2 is a high-power, lever-action rifle with old-west sentiments and modern-day aesthetics.
Basic Info
Platform: Mark 2
Weapon Class: Marksman Rifle
Max Level: 29
Magazine Capacity: 6
Reserve Ammo: 12
How to Unlock Unlocked at Level 28.

Modern Warfare 2 Lockwood Mk2

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Weapon Stats

Modern Warfare 2 Lockwood Mk2 Weapon Stats

Best Lockwood Mk2 Loadout Setup

Weapon Loadout
Primary Lockwood Mk2
Secondary X13 Auto
Tactical Stun Grenade
Lethal Frag Grenade
Base Perk 1 Scavenger
Base Perk 2 Double Time
Bonus Perk Cold-Blooded
Ultimate Perk Quick Fix
Field Upgrade Dead Silence

Best Lockwood Mk2 Attachment Setup

Optic Cronen Zero-P Optic
Muzzle FTac Reaper
Barrel 25” Buffalo Barrel
Ammunition .45 GVT Hollowpoint
Lever Longhorn Lever

How to Play

This Lockwood Mk2 loadout is best used in small-scale gamed modes such as Team Deathmatch, Domination, or Kill Confirmed. The attachments for this build increases the overall damage output and ADS speed of your marksman rifle, making it a deadly weapon from any combat range.

For this loadout, players should play aggressively as this Lockwood MK2 setup is a run and gun build. This quickscope class finds high value from any range so long as the player keeps track of the enemies’ whereabouts.

With the Quick Fix and Double Time perks, you will find yourself constantly engaging in gunfights so be ready to ADS after sprinting.

Progression Tree: All Unlockables

All Unlockables
Talon Sixteen
(Level 2)
Cut Off Stock Mod
(Level 3)
.45 GVT Frangible
(Level 4)
Luca Bandera Scope
(Level 7)
Demo Firm Grip
(Level 9)
.45 GVT High Velocity
(Level 10)
Accu-Shot 5MW Laser
(Level 11)
Lockwood Bullseye Stock
(Level 15)
.45 GVT Overpressured +P
(Level 18)
Demo VX509 Stock
(Level 19)
.45 GVT Armor Piercing
(Level 21)
.45 GVT Hollowpoint
(Level 24)
.45 GVT Incendiary
(Level 28)

NOTE: Newly acquired weapons will have locked attachment slots at Level 1. Category Unlocks are upgrades that unlock these attachment slots for use.

Guns Unlocked by Leveling the Lockwood Mk2

All Gun Unlocks
The Lockwood Mk2 does not unlock any guns.

All Compatible Lockwood Mk2 Attachments

Lockwood Mk2 Receivers

This section is under construction.

Lockwood Mk2 Barrels

13.5” Lonestar Barrel

Lockwood Mk2 Magazines

This section is under construction.

Lockwood Mk2 Stocks

Lockwood Bullseye Stock Demo VX509 Stock Cut Off Stock Mod

Lockwood Mk2 Rear Grips

This section is under construction.

Lockwood Mk2 Muzzles

Talon Sixteen

Lockwood Mk2 Underbarrels

Demo Firm Grip

Lockwood Mk2 Ammunition

.45 GVT High Velocity .45 GVT Overpressured +P .45 GVT Armor Piercing
.45 GVT Hollowpoint .45 GVT Incendiary .45 GVT Frangible

Lockwood Mk2 Lasers

This section is under construction.

Lockwood Mk2 Optics

Luca Bandera Scope

All Lockwood Mk2 Camos

Camo Challenge Lv. Unlock
Sand Viper Get 50 kills with Lockwood MK2 2
Desert Rain Get 15 kills from behind with Lockwood MK2 11
Wild Zebra Get 25 one-shot kills with Lockwood MK2 19
Granite Get 10 point blank kills with Lockwood MK2 28
Gold Lockwood MK2 Get 3 kills without dying 10 times with the Lockwood MK2 N/A

All Lockwood Mk2 Blueprints

This Weapon currently doesn’t have any Blueprints.

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