MLB The Show 24: Team Up for Season 2’s Team Affinity Chapter 1

Dive headfirst into Season 2 of MLB The Show 24 with the launch of Team Affinity Season 2: Chapter 1 (TA S2:C1)! Available today, this exciting update offers a plethora of ways to earn exclusive player items representing all 30 MLB teams.

Get Your Grind On:

  • Memorable Moments: Master all-new Moments featuring the Team Affinity Season 2 Bosses from each division, reliving their most iconic plays. This is a fantastic way to kickstart your TA S2:C1 progress!
  • Missions Galore: Complete Single Player, Multiplayer, and PXP Missions to steadily move up the reward paths within the 6 divisional programs.
  • Conquest Your Way to Victory: Play the brand new TA S2:C1 Conquest Maps (West, Central, and East) to secure valuable packs and Stubs, along with a bonus 4,000 XP per map to accelerate your Season 2 XP Reward Path progress.

Earning TA Points:

The road to Team Affinity glory goes beyond just missions! Here’s how you can rack up even more TA Points:

  • Showdown Challenges: Assemble your dream team and conquer the Showdown, defeating the Final Showdown Boss Houston Astros prospect Forrest Whitley to earn 4 Team Affinity Season 2 Vouchers.
  • Extreme Showdown: Feeling like a challenge? Take on the daunting Extreme Showdown, where you’ll face off against Tampa Bay Rays star Ryan Yarbrough as the ultimate Showdown Boss. Emerge victorious, and you’ll be rewarded with valuable TA Points that contribute to progress in all 6 divisional programs.

Vouchers: The Key to Advancement:

Throughout your journey, you’ll acquire S2:C1 Vouchers. These can be earned through Mini-Seasons and Showdowns. Combine these vouchers with player items from specific divisions to further progress through the available TA S2:C1 Programs in MLB The Show 24.

Don’t miss out on this exciting Team Affinity journey! Team up, complete challenges, and build your ultimate MLB squad in Season 2 of MLB The Show 24!

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