MLB The Show 24: Season 2 – Fresh Start Choice Pack 2 is Here

The grind continues in MLB The Show 24 Season 2, and the Fresh Start Choice Pack 2 is here to help you bolster your Diamond Dynasty squad. This pack offers a guaranteed Diamond player, but with a twist: you get to choose!

The Choice is Yours

Fresh Start Choice Pack 2 provides you with the opportunity to select one Diamond player from three distinct tiers:

  • Rare (91 OVR): This tier features two top-tier players:

    • Teoscar Hernandez (LF, Los Angeles Dodgers): A power-hitting outfielder known for his launch angle and clutch hitting.
    • Blake Snell (SP, San Francisco Giants): A dominant lefty pitcher with a devastating arsenal of pitches.
  • Mid (90 OVR): Here you’ll find two solid Diamond players:

    • Alex Verdugo (LF, New York Yankees): A talented outfielder with a well-rounded skillset.
    • Jordan Montgomery (SP, Arizona Diamondbacks): A reliable starting pitcher with good control.
  • Base (87 OVR): This tier includes three valuable Diamond options:

    • Abraham Toro (2B, Oakland Athletics): A young infielder with developing power potential.
    • James Paxton (SP, Los Angeles Dodgers): A veteran pitcher with a powerful fastball.
    • Kevin Pillar (CF, Los Angeles Angels): A defensive specialist with above-average speed.

Making the Perfect Choice

The player you choose depends on your team’s specific needs. Consider the following:

  • Offensive vs. Pitching: Do you need a bat to boost your lineup or an arm to solidify your rotation?
  • Positional Needs: Which position requires the most immediate upgrade?
  • Player Style: Do you prefer a power hitter, a contact hitter, or a dominant pitcher?

Limited Availability

The Fresh Start Choice Pack 2 is available in the Show Shop for 40,000 Stubs and is limited to 3 packs per account. Don’t miss out on this chance to make a strategic addition to your Diamond Dynasty team!

Additional Notes

  • The pack contents are not random; you choose the player you want.
  • Consider your team’s strengths and weaknesses before making your selection.

Take control of your Diamond Dynasty and grab your Fresh Start Choice Pack 2 today!

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