MLB The Show 24: Season 2 Collection – Build Your Dynasty

Season 2 of MLB The Show 24 is here, and it’s time to start building your ultimate baseball dynasty! The Season 2 Collection offers a thrilling journey with exclusive rewards as you collect player items.

Assemble Your Legends:

Focus on acquiring Season 2 Legends and Flashback players. Each addition to your collection unlocks valuable Season 2 player items. Reach specific milestones to claim fantastic rewards:

  • 30 Collected: Secure the dominant closer Aroldis Chapman (91 OVR) to bolster your bullpen.
  • 60 Collected: Add the legendary hitting machine Joe Morgan (93 OVR) to your lineup and witness his offensive prowess.

The Ultimate Choice Awaits:

The real prize awaits at 230 collected items. You’ll earn the prestigious Season 2 Collection Choice Pack. This pack features three baseball icons from the prestigious Hall of Fame Series:

  • Derek Jeter (99 OVR): "The Captain" himself, Derek Jeter, boasts a near-perfect 99 OVR rating. His fielding and hitting prowess will be a cornerstone for any team.
  • Bob Gibson (99 OVR): Dominate on the mound with the legendary Bob Gibson (99 OVR). His pitching arsenal is sure to strike fear in the hearts of your opponents.
  • Frank Thomas (99 OVR): "The Big Hurt" lives up to his name with a 99 OVR rating. His power hitting will send baseballs flying out of the park.

The choice is yours! Select the Hall of Famer that best fits your team’s needs and elevate your squad to championship glory.

More to Come:

This is just the beginning of the Season 2 Collection journey! More collection tiers will be added throughout the season, including additional Choice Packs featuring the remaining Collection Bosses. Stay tuned for further updates and even more exciting rewards!

Start collecting Season 2 cards today and build your dream team in MLB The Show 24!

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