MLB The Show 24: Celebrate Top Performers with Season 2 Awards Drop 1

A new season brings a new wave of stars, and MLB The Show 24 honors them with the Season 2 Awards Drop 1 Program! Relive the most exciting moments of the 2024 season by playing through Moments featuring these breakout players:

  • Davis Schneider: Be the hero for the Toronto Blue Jays! Re-enact Schneider’s walk-off home run in the bottom of the 14th inning and secure a dramatic victory.
  • Ryan Bliss: Experience the thrill of Ryan Bliss’ first MLB hit as the Mariners’ second baseman during a dominant Seattle win.

These are just a few of the thrilling Moments you can experience in the Season 2 Awards Drop 1 Program.

Meet the Award Winners:

The program also features a selection of exceptional players receiving their Season 2 Awards recognition:

  • Daniel Schneeman (2B, Cleveland Guardians – 86 OVR)
  • Ryan Bliss (2B, Seattle Mariners – 86 OVR)
  • Davis Schneider (LF, Toronto Blue Jays – 86 OVR)
  • Nick Castellanos (RF, Philadelphia Phillies – 89 OVR)

Expand Your Roster (For a Price):

For players seeking to bolster their lineup with these top performers, the Season 2 Awards Drop 1 Pack is available in the Show Shop. This pack, limited to five purchases per account and priced at 30,000 Stubs, randomly grants you one of the following players:

  • Clarke Schmidt (SP, New York Yankees – 90 OVR)
  • Matt Strahm (RP, Philadelphia Phillies – 90 OVR)
  • Miguel Andujar (LF, Oakland Athletics – 87 OVR)
  • Anthony Volpe (SS, New York Yankees – 87 OVR)
  • Ben Brown (SP, Chicago Cubs – 87 OVR)

Celebrate the best of baseball and enhance your team with the Season 2 Awards Drop 1 Program in MLB The Show 24!

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