Missing Play Script – Flyff Universe

Missing Play Script Quest

Description Colar is hiding somewhere in Darkon 1. Find him and retrieve the play script.
Begin NPC [Pepoview] Ruminerr
End NPC Colar
Location Saint City
Level: 37~120
EXP: 25% for Lv. 37
Chain Quest Yes
Repeatable No
Removable Yes
Party Share Yes

Flyff Universe Penya, Accounts, Boosting


Begin Oh boy… I am in big trouble. How long have you been standing there? Did you hear everything I was saying?
You heard? Hmm.. Okay, I will tell you what happened. I am in charge of play scripts for the Pepoview Troupe.
The new play script called The Sky of Madrigal has disappeared. If I don’t get it back, I’ll be fired.
I know who stole it. His name is Colar, and I think he did it as payback for being fired himself.
Would you please do me a favor? Would you please bring me the play script from Colar?
Accept You will?! Thank you very much! Colar is hiding somewhere in the far east of Darkon 1. Please find him!
Decline I knew you weren’t going to help me. Why did I even tell you all of that?
Complete What?! What play script? I don’t have it, I swear!
Well, yes. I stole it. A grave robber who was riding some kind of strange machine took it from me.
The machine was spouting steam and the grave robber was riding and controlling it. That is why I am in this terrible situation now.
Fail All I know is that he is somewhere in the far east of Darkon 1. Please find him.

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