Lost Ark Friendsgiving Pack

Friendsgiving Pack

For those looking for a major discount on exciting in-game companions, the Friendsgiving bundle includes new friends for your adventures in Arkesia, and an opportunity to snag the mount a few weeks early before it becomes available for purchase in December, and at a discount! Available in exchange for 2,100 Royal Crystals, with a limit of 3 per roster.

  • A Magic Bed Mount Selection Chest
  • Pirate Parrot Pet Selection Chest
  • Pet: Toto Demon Selection Chest
  • Pheons x20

Lost Ark Friendsgiving Pack

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Black Friday & Cyber Monday Sale

To celebrate Black Friday and Cyber Monday, we have bundles arriving later this week that offer major savings on a variety of cosmetics and valuable in-game items bundled together. The packs will arrive on November 23, and be available in exchange for Royal Crystals via the in-game store. They’ll stay in the store for one week, until November 30.

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