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Deralium Chunk

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Deralium Chunk Deralium ore used for refining master weapons. Upgrades all Equipment such as Weapons, Armor, and Shields, including Catalysts up to +10.

Deralium Chunk is an Upgrade Material in Lords of the Fallen (LotF). Deralium Chunk is an upgrade material that can be used to upgrade Weapons, Armor, and Shields up to +10. Upgrade Materials are items used for increasing the level and strengthening the stats of different equipment pieces such as Weapons, Armor, and Shields, including vital items such as the Sanguinarix and Umbral Lamp.

Bound by both iron and unnaturally prolonged lifespans, the miners of Sunless Skein toil endlessly. Like much of the cold rock within which they are entombed, their minds are long bereft of whatever value they once contained.

Where to find it?

Deralium Chunk can be found in the following places:

  • Rare loot drop from Holy Bulwark enemies after fully upgrading Gerlinde, although multiple people in the comments would disagree with this.
  • In Update v.1.1.292, x2 can be found in Skyrest Bridge, near the Shrine of Orius, in the small alcove with hammocks, where heroes, like you, take their very well-deserved rest. This pickup is per character, so you can retrieve it for all your characters that meet the requirements.
  • Revelation Depths: By following the path, you will eventually stumble upon stone structures or an enemy camp where the pathway is barricaded. The path split into two here, the other one leading further inside the caves and the other one leading to the stone structures. Head to the cave first as this is an optional area to explore. Inside there are miners working, clear them out so you can explore the area safely. Pick up the x3 Regular Deralium Nuggets near where the miners were located. What will pique your interest here is the x1 Deralium Chunk lying around the area. It is located not far from the Regular Deralium Nuggets you looted.
  • Tower of Penance: After picking up the Map of the Tower of Penance, take the lift upwards, you'll be able to enter the tower through an upper archway. Right in front of you will be another Umbral Flowerbed. Past it, head through the doorway and onto some wooden platforms in the next room. Head to the end, then enter the Umbral. Soulflay the body across the way to lower a platform you can jump onto. Turn left and go down the ladder, then continue circling around and drop down to the lower platform. Stand on the small Umbral platform, then look to your left to find another one you can pull towards you. Jump onto it to continue to the next platform. Defeat the Ardent Penitent that bursts through the nearby wooden planks, then stand on top of the ladder, don't head down it. If you look over the ledge, you'll find a lower platform you can jump to that the ladder doesn't get to. Jump down to it to find a chest that contains a Deralium Chunk within the jail cell.
  • Bramis Castle: From the Umbral Flowerbed outside the tower library, continue along the path to reach the exit to the King's bedroom. Head to the balcony on the right and warp into the Umbral to get across the platforms on the left and reach the giant crystal. Head down the crystal, when you reach the fork in the path, take the path on the left. Defeat the enemies in the area, go to the stairs on the right and break the wooden structure. Look down to see a small area with an item. Jump on it and pick up x1 Deralium Chunk.
  • Fief of the Chill Curse: From the Vestige of Loash head through the archway leading to The Hollow Crow's Boss arena, after defeating it, head to the doorway and take the ladder down. Continue through the bridge until the next tower. Head up the tower to reach the beacon. Next to it is a chest, open it and pick up x1 Deralium Chunk, x2 Large Deralium Shards, x3 Regular Deralium Nuggets, x4 Small Deralium Fragment.
  • One can also be bought at the coop-dedicated altar, next to Eustace, in Skyrest Bridge.

How to use it?

Deralium Chunk can be used as follows:

Deralium ore used for refining master weapons. Upgrades all Equipment such as Weapons, Armor, and Shields, including Catalysts up to +10.

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