PoE increased Warcry Speed Craft Recipe

Crafting Recipes Cost Unlock Locations Description Prefix /
Item Classes NPC
(15–20)% increased Warcry Speed 6x Orb of Alteration The Dried Lake Attack, Cast and Warcry Speed – Rank 1 of Craft, Suffix, Global Amulet Helena

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Warcries are active skills that provide situational benefits to players and are typically aligned with melee characters because they only affect nearby enemies and allies. In addition to the bonuses, warcry skills naturally taunt enemies within their range to attack the player instead of his allies, allowing one party member to act as a “tank”. Warcries also Exert the next few attacks with additional properties.

Warcries aren’t considered Spells and therefore cannot be supported by support gems such as Cast when Damage Taken Support or other spell-specific support gems. They are also unaffected by modifiers to cast speed, and require modifiers to Warcry speed to be cast more quickly. Warcries can be supported by Second Wind Support to grant an additional use.


There are currently 9 gems with the Warcry gem tag:

Gem Level
Ancestral Cry 16
Battlemage’s Cry 24
Enduring Cry 10
General’s Cry 24
Infernal Cry 24
Intimidating Cry 10
Rallying Cry 24
Seismic Cry 16
Urgent Orders Support 31


Players can be under the effect of multiple Warcries at once. Each Warcry has its own cooldown unless the Call to Arms keystone is allocated.


Warcries are enhanced proportionate to the power of nearby enemies, calculated at the time they are cast. Normal monsters are counted as 1, magic monsters as 2, rare as 10, unique as 20, and players as 5.

The following count power differently:

  • Rallying Cry gains power based on nearby Allies and enemies
  • General’s Cry gains power based on nearby enemies and corpses

Redblade Banner causes Warcries to have infinite power, so they always apply the maximum possible benefit, regardless of nearby enemies.

Exerted Attacks

Exert refers to the inherent effect some Warcries apply to an attack or several subsequent attacks in order to make it Exerted once the Warcry has been activated. Attacks can be Exerted by multiple Warcries and receive the benefits of each so long as their type matches the type a Warcry supports.

The number of Exerted attacks remaining is shown on the Skill bar icon.

Channelling skills cannot be exerted.

Multistrike and Exerted attacks: Multistrike Support supported skills cannot be exerted, although skills that inherently strikes multiple times, like Double Strike, consume one exerted attack per use of the skill.

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