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PoE Ghost Dance Keystone Build

PoE 3.16 changes: it is no longer a Notable ascendancy passive skill. Now, give everyone access to Ghost Dance as a Keystone Passive.

Builds wanting to invest in both Evasion and Energy Shield rely heavily on Ghost Dance.

  • Cannot Recover Energy Shield to above Evasion Rating.
  • Every 2 seconds, gain a Ghost Shroud, up to a maximum of 3.
  • When Hit, lose a Ghost Shroud and Recover Energy Shield equal to 3% of your Evasion Rating.

Flavour text: Surround yourself with the dead, so that you amy avoid joing them.

Ghost Dance

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Unique item: Skin of the Lords

Skin of the Lords is a unique Simple Robe. It comes with a random Keystone.

Ghost Shroud

Ghost Shroud is the charge generated by Ghost Dance keystone, which the charge gave the player character certain buffs.

Ghost Shroud

  • Removed Ghost Dance from The Trickster Ascendancy. Added a new notable, which replaces Ghost Dance, that provides "Every 10 seconds, take no Damage over Time for 5 seconds."
  • Now, Ghost Dance is a Keystone Passive.

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