Fueling the Inferno: Unveiling Burning Aether in Diablo IV

Season 5 of Diablo IV ignites a fiery new endgame experience: the Infernal Hordes. But to conquer these relentless demonic waves, you’ll need to harness a powerful new resource – Burning Aether.

Earning the Infernal Currency:

Burning Aether isn’t simply dropped by every slain enemy. Instead, it rewards focused attacks on specific targets, encouraging strategic exploration and objective completion. Here’s how you’ll fuel your infernal furnace:

  • Slaying Demonic Elite: Aether Fiends and Aether Lords, fearsome elite demons infused with raw aetheric energy, will be your primary source of Burning Aether. Vanquishing these formidable foes will yield a substantial amount of this vital currency.
  • Destroying Corrupting Influences: Soulspires and Aetheric Masses, dark monoliths channeling demonic power, litter the Infernal Hordes landscape. By cleansing these sources of corruption, you’ll not only weaken the demonic forces, but also be rewarded with a significant amount of Burning Aether.

Individual Rewards, Shared Glory:

The beauty of Burning Aether lies in its individual acquisition. Whether you choose to brave the Infernal Hordes solo or band together with fellow adventurers, each participant earns their own Burning Aether based on their contributions. This eliminates competition within your party and empowers each player to make their own choices when it comes to spending their hard-earned infernal fuel.

The Power of Choice:

The true power of Burning Aether lies in the agency it grants you at the conclusion of each Infernal Hordes run. Instead of predetermined rewards, Burning Aether serves as a currency to unlock a treasure trove of possibilities within the Spoils of Hell. We’ll delve deeper into this system in a future article, but for now, know that your Burning Aether will grant access to:

  • Legendary and Unique Items: Yearn for that coveted piece of gear to complete your build? Burning Aether might just unlock the key to acquiring legendary and unique items.
  • Masterworking Materials: Refine your equipment and push your character’s power to the limit with the potent materials available through Burning Aether.
  • Gold: The lifeblood of Sanctuary’s economy is always in demand, and Burning Aether can grant you a significant financial boost.
  • Greater Affix Items: Burning Aether offers the chance to unlock items imbued with powerful Greater Affixes, taking your character’s strength to unprecedented heights.

With Burning Aether in your grasp, you’ll not only conquer the Infernal Hordes, but also reap the rewards that best suit your character’s needs and playstyle. Prepare to strategize your approach, unleash hellfire upon your enemies, and claim your rightful spoils within the burning heart of Season 5!

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