PoE Fracturing Orb Farm

Fracturing Orb

Fracturing Orb Fracturing Orb can be used to fracture a random modifier on a rare item with at least 4 modifiers, locking it in place.

  • Right click this item then left click a rare item to apply it. Cannot be used on Influenced, Synthesised or Fractured items.
  • This item does not reroll the modifiers of an item.

Stackable Currency. Stack Size: 1 / 20.

Fracturing Orb

PoE User Interface Changes: Added slots for the newly introduced Fracturing Orb and Shard to the Currency Stash Tab.

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How to get Fracturing Orb?

  • Fracturing shards(can drop from harbingers). A full stack(20) will be combined into a¬†Fracturing Orb.
  • Drops from Harbingers or Harbinger-related rewards. Drop level: 1.


Outcome Recipe
1x Fracturing Orb 20x Fracturing shards

The Forbidden sanctum expansion introduces a new type of Shard that can drop from harbingers: Fracturing shards. When combined together into a full currency item, you get the fracturing orb.

Fracturing Orb behaves the same as a fracture in
craft from Harvest. It could be used on any rare item with at least four modifiers. When the orb is applied, it locks one of the modifiers in place so that further crafting efforts do not affect that modifier items fractured on. This way can only have one fractured modifier.

Previously this crafting option was gated behind the Ashabi fight and harvest. Now that it has been re-homed to Harbinger. The Harvest crafting option is no longer available. This means that you’ll be able to use your Harvest Life Force and a Sharpie kills on other crafts because fracturing shards drop from harbingers. You’ll be able to Target found them by specking into Harbinger content on your atlas tree.

Why introduced Fracturing Orb?

Due to changes to Exalted and Divine Orbs in 3.19, Harbingers felt relatively unrewarding to farm, as Exalted Shards presented a significant portion of the value from their rewards.

We've introduced Fracturing Orb and Fracturing Shards, and have removed the Harvest Craft that fractures a random modifier on an item.

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