FIFA Coins Won’t Transfer to FC 24

Thinking of bringing your FIFA 23 war chest over to FC 24? Buckle up, because there’s a change in the game. Unfortunately, those hard-earned FIFA Coins won’t be making the jump to FC 24’s Ultimate Team.

But don’t fret! Here’s the lowdown:

No Coin Carryover: Your current and past FIFA 23 Coins won’t be transferred to FC 24. This means starting fresh with a new pool of FC Coins.

Fresh Start, Fresh Rewards: While your coins won’t transfer, FC 24 acknowledges your FIFA legacy. Expect to receive special rewards in FC 24 Ultimate Team based on your previous progress in FIFA 23. This is a great way to kickstart your FC 24 journey!

What This Means for You:

Time to Strategize: This is a chance to refine your coin-spending habits in FC 24. Plan your transfers and investments wisely to build a dominant team.

New Opportunities Await: Explore different ways to earn FC Coins in FC 24, like completing Squad Building Challenges or participating in FUT Draft.

Focus on the Game: Ultimately, the thrill of competition and building your dream team remains the heart of the game. Let the excitement of a fresh start fuel your passion for FC 24!

Get Ready to Conquer FC 24!

While your FIFA Coin stash might not be making the jump, the memories and skills you honed in FIFA 23 will. Use this fresh start as an opportunity to dominate the FC 24 pitch and create a whole new legacy for yourself!

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