FFXIV With Great Fortune Comes Great Responsibility

With Great Fortune Comes Great Responsibility

In-game description: The Far Eastern omikujishi appears troubled by what he is seeing.

※This quest is available for a limited time only.

  • Quest giver: Far Eastern Omikujishi
  • Location: Limsa Lominsa Upper Decks (X:11.8, Y:14.3)
  • Quest line: Heavensturn (2023)
  • Level: 15
  • Gil:  305
  • Previous quest: The Box of Fortune
  • Patch: 6.28


  • 1 x Heavensturn Domaru
  • 1 x Heavensturn Kote
  • 1 x Heavensturn Haidate
  • 1 x Heavensturn Sune-ate


  • x Hoppy New Year!

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  • /rally Beaudefoin’s spirits.
  • /psych Beaudefoin up.
  • Search for Beaudefoin in lower La Noscea.
  • Speak with the Far Eastern omikujishi in Limsa Lominsa.


  • The Far Eastern omikujishi appears troubled by what he is seeing.
    • ※This quest is available for a limited time only.
  • Concerned by the Far Eastern omikujishi’s worried expression, you approach him once more to discover what may have caused the furrow in his brow. Before you can say a word, however, he asks for a moment of your time, nodding in Beaudefoin’s direction. His desire to lift the adventurer’s spirits is quickly apparent, and though he makes a valiant effort to do so, the despondent man can no longer see reason. Convinced that his words cannot reach the down-on-his-luck adventurer, the omikujishi instead turns to you, asking that you too make an attempt to cheer the poor man up.
    • ※Please note that you will be unable to complete this quest after the seasonal event has ended. For details, please check the Lodestone.
  • Despite your best efforts to rally Beaudefoin’s spirits, it is to no avail. The omikujishi refuses to give up on the crestfallen man, however, and asks that you try to reach him once more with a different approach.
  • Seeing that your second attempt to rouse Beaudefoin is unfruitful, the omikujishi bids him recite the contents of the fortune, only to discover the dejected man had never read the whole thing. And yet, upon reading it, Beaudefoin somehow manages to sink even further into the depths of despair. The omikujishi, having at last lost patience, reads the remainder of the fortune himself. The fortune’s final words of guidance, and a well-placed remark from yourself are what finally release Beaudefoin from the clutches of his own fear. But no sooner has he been made to see reason than the mochi daikan appears before you out of breath, bringing distressing news of an adventurer in trouble. Believing this adventurer to be Hildelana, Beaudefoin rushes off to the rescue. Concerned whether Beaudefoin is in the right state of mind to be saving anyone, the omikujishi asks that you follow after him, to which you oblige.
  • Though you find Hildelana and Beaudefoin free from any serious harm, the same cannot be said for Beaudefoin’s beloved armor. The adventurer pair set off to visit the armorer and promise to find you again later. The mochi daikan suggests that you both return to Limsa Lominsa, and report the current state of affairs to the omikujishi.
  • Just as you finish reciting the tale of Beaudefoin and Hildelana’s rescue to the omikujishi, the pair return as promised. Having heard that naught can be done for Beaudefoin’s armor, and moved by his selfless act, the usagi bugyo insists that the adventurer accept a set of yoroi from the Far Eastern delegation. The omikujishi reminds the flabbergasted man, still unable to believe his luck, that omikuji should be seen as a guide, and not as one’s fate set in stone. With a new set of armor in tow, Beaudefoin and Hildelana are ready to set off on a new adventure, their bond of friendship tempered by the day’s events. Turning to you, the omikujishi thanks you for your service, offering you a set of yoroi of your own, and the opportunity to draw as many omikuji as you wish. With your obligations thus fulfilled, you are free to enjoy the remainder of the festivities to your heart’s content.


Far Eastern Omikujishi: Forgive me, my friend, but might I ask for another moment of your time?

Far Eastern Omikujishi: In no small part due to your assistance, many are enjoying their first experience with omikuji. For some, however, it appears to be a source of stress…

Far Eastern Omikujishi: These two adventurers, for example, drew opposite results…

Hildelana: “Great fortune,” it says! Can you believe it!? That means I have naught to fear… Aye, this is my chance to make it big as an adventurer!

Beaudefoin: Seven hells, what a dreadful Heavensturn this turned out to be… “Grave misfortune”? What did I do to deserve such rotten luck?

Far Eastern Omikujishi: Do not be so disheartened, my friend. Though omikuji may foretell fortune and misfortune, they also provide us with guidance in our daily lives.

Far Eastern Omikujishi: A great blessing can become a curse should one view it as a license to act rashly. Similarly, a great curse can become a blessing should one heed its warning. What you make of your lot depends on you.

Beaudefoin: So you say…but just look at Hildelana. At how happy she is. Why can’t I be like that…

Far Eastern Omikujishi: My words failed to reach him, alas, but perhaps yours can. Could you try to rally his spirits?

“With Great Fortune Comes Great Responsibility” accepted.

Speaking to the NPC immediately after:

Far Eastern Omikujishi: I cannot bear to see the poor man this way. Please, try to rally his spirits.

Speaking to the NPC immediately before:

Beaudefoin: Ah, woe is me! What am I to do when misfortune awaits me at every turn?

Beaudefoin is crestfallen. Perhaps there is something you can do to rally his spirits.

You try to cheer Beaudefoin up.

Beaudefoin: Thank you for trying to cheer me up. I appreciate it, truly. But you do not understand the burden I bear. The burden of “grave misfortune” that weighs heavily upon my soul…

Far Eastern Omikujishi: This is rather more serious than I thought… Please, can you think of any other ways to lift him out of his malaise?

“With Great Fortune Comes Great Responsibility” objective fulfilled!

Beaudefoin: Y-You’re right. I mustn’t give up the fight. And yet…

Far Eastern Omikujishi: Do you feel better, my friend?

Far Eastern Omikujishi: I see… If I may, what did the omikuji say in its entirety? As I mentioned, they do not only foretell one’s fate, but also provide guidance in one’s daily life.

Beaudefoin: I must confess, I didn’t see anything beyond the words “grave misfortune,” so shocked I was. I ought to have a proper read, I suppose. Let’s see here…

Beaudefoin: “Adventure: Thou must think of others before thyself.” Well, that isn’t so bad. And next…“Prosperity: Prepare to lose thy treasured armor”…

Beaudefoin: <whimper> I knew I shouldn’t have read the blasted thing… This set of armor is my pride and joy─I worked myself to the bone earning the gil to pay for it. And now I’m going to lose it all…

Far Eastern Omikujishi: Come now, let us read the omikuji to the end!

Far Eastern Omikujishi: Look: “As the Navigator maintaineth Her net, so too must thou tend to thy friendships. Let not camaraderie’s weave fall into disrepair.” …Sage advice, would you not agree?

What will you say?

> Treasure your comrades, and your luck may change for the better.

> What matters is how you choose to act.

Beaudefoin: Yes… Yes, you are right. My thanks to the two of you for helping me to see sense.

Mochi Daikan: Help! I need help! <pant>

Far Eastern Omikujishi: Mochi daikan! Calm down and tell us what ails you.

Mochi Daikan: I-I was preparing for the mochi pounding when a young adventurer, cheerful and fearless, emerged from the city…

Mochi Daikan: At first I didn’t pay her much mind…but then to my horror, she ran afoul of a group of enormous fiends! The monstrosities overwhelmed her in mere moments, and I rushed here as quickly as I could for help.

Far Eastern Omikujishi: A cheerful and fearless young adventurer? Kami preserve, could it be Hildelana!?

Beaudefoin: What!? But…how can this be? She was supposed to have “great fortune”!

Beaudefoin: Ugh, but this isn’t the time for such questions… I must go to her aid!

Far Eastern Omikujishi: Beaudefoin, wait!

Far Eastern Omikujishi: This is a troubling situation…

Far Eastern Omikujishi: You strike me as an adventurer of considerable prowess. Will you not go after Beaudefoin and lend your aid if necessary?

Mochi Daikan: Our thanks! Please follow me!

“With Great Fortune Comes Great Responsibility” objective fulfilled!

Speaking to the NPC immediately after:

Far Eastern Omikujishi: As much as I wish to help, I would only be a hindrance. Please see that both Hildelana and Beaudefoin are safe.

You have left the sanctuary.

Hildelana: You came too… Thank you…

Beaudefoin: Followed me here, did you? We both took a bit of a beating, but I’m pleased to say we’re still breathing.

Hildelana: I finished the guild’s request without issue, but then I got greedy. If Beaudefoin hadn’t arrived when he did, who knows what might have happened…

Beaudefoin: I merely did what any friend would, Hildelana. I’m just glad I made it in time.

Hildelana: I shouldn’t have put you through that. And look what’s become of your armor… I’m so sorry, Beaudefoin. It’s broken because of me…

Beaudefoin: Oh, don’t mention it. It’s a small price for protecting a dear friend, and one I’d willingly pay again and again.

Beaudefoin: Heh, but if this didn’t play out exactly as the omikuji had foretold…

Beaudefoin: Well, let’s return to the city. For one, I need to pay the armorers a visit, but we’ll look for you afterwards!

Mochi Daikan: What a relief that neither of them came to lasting harm… Let us head back ourselves. The omikujishi will doubtless be eager to hear the tidings.

“With Great Fortune Comes Great Responsibility” objective fulfilled!

You have entered a sanctuary.

Speaking to the NPC immediately before:

Mochi Daikan: Ah, there you are. Hopefully Beaudefoin and Hildelana will join us as well.

Far Eastern Omikujishi: Welcome back, my friend! I understand everyone is safe, but what happened out there?

Far Eastern Omikujishi: My friends, I cannot well express how relieved I am for your preservation. It is because I failed to explain the omikuji in sufficient detail that you met with danger. I can’t apologize enough…

Hildelana: Please do not blame yourself. I’m the one who overestimated my own abilities. Having “great fortune” doesn’t mean that one can act without due care, I realize this now.

Hildelana: And I would have realized sooner had I properly read the omikuji beforehand. “Adventure: The way shall open to those who know their limits,” it says…

Hildelana: But there’s more. “Relationships: Thou shalt be blessed with stalwart comrades.” And I truly am.

Mochi Daikan: Ah, that reminds me─what became of your armor? You wished to have it repaired, I believe.

Beaudefoin: Unfortunately, it was too far gone. The armorer told me it would make more sense to have a new one crafted…not that I have that sort of coin either.

Usagi Bugyo: In that case, I believe we can be of service. We offer a set of yoroi─armor, in your tongue─as a reward to those who have helped to make this Heavensturn celebration better. You have more than earned it.

Beaudefoin: Truly!? This sounds too good to be true…

Usagi Bugyo: Ah, but it is true, my friend, and no more than you deserve. Come now, don’t be shy. Take your prize and try it on!

Beaudefoin: It’s magnificent! Just magnificent! Heh, and to think my omikuji said “grave misfortune”!

Far Eastern Omikujishi: Take this as a lesson that, no matter your fortune, you still hold the power to shape your fate. And I believe the yoroi suits you well, if I might add.

Far Eastern Omikujishi: As you will recall, your fortune cautioned you to put the needs of others before yourself. And so you did, by risking your life to save your comrade. That selfless act may well have reversed your “grave misfortune.”

Hildelana: I see! …Actually, I don’t. I don’t really understand the workings of omikuji, but I do know that I’ll always have Beaudefoin’s back, just as he’s always had mine. And, now that he has a new set of armor, perhaps we can take to the road. Together.

Far Eastern Omikujishi: I can’t thank you enough for helping with the many unexpected troubles that occurred this day. I would be honored if you’d accept a set of yoroi of your own.

Far Eastern Omikujishi: Furthermore, should you wish to draw omikuji, you need only say the word. Indeed, I hope to see you many more times before the festivities end!

Speaking to the NPC immediately after:

Far Eastern Omikujishi: It is good to see you, my friend. Tell me, how may I be of service?

What will you do?

> Draw omikuji.

Far Eastern Omikujishi: You may draw as many as you like, but know that you must pay a fee of 100 gil per draw.

>> Pay 100 gil to draw a lot?

>>> Yes.

[Insert your fortune cutscene here.]

Far Eastern Omikujishi: How did you fare? Whether it was the desired result or otherwise, I pray the words imparted by the fortune serve to guide you in the coming days.

>>> No.

> Learn about the origins of omikuji.

Far Eastern Omikujishi: Omikuji date back thousands of years. ‘Tis said that twelve beasts of Far Eastern legend─known locally as messengers of the divine─once appeared before a monk in his dreams, and imparted to him twelve divine revelations each.

Far Eastern Omikujishi: Believing the vast wisdom bestowed upon him was not his alone to keep, the monk compiled each of the twelve revelations from the twelve beasts into fortunes─one hundred and forty-four all told─and then began a journey to spread this knowledge to others, for the benefit of all.

Far Eastern Omikujishi: As he traveled the land, word of the fortunes spread far and wide throughout the Far East. That, my friend, is how omikuji came to be.

> Learn about the omikujishi.

Far Eastern Omikujishi: I am but a man who, over the course of many winters, has come to find himself enthralled by the mysteries surrounding the number twelve.

Far Eastern Omikujishi: The twelve beasts of the Far East, the Twelve deities of Eorzea, and the twelve surnames of Viera males─do you not find your own curiosity piqued by how the number appears in myriad cultures around the star? I cannot help but wonder if there is some connection between them we have yet to discover.

Far Eastern Omikujishi: It was during my journey to uncover this mystery that I discovered the omikuji, and it is the omikuji which have led me to where I stand today.

Far Eastern Omikujishi: Ah, I never did tell you my name, did I? It is “Morisoba,” at present. Though we Viera who have chosen to venture from our homeland are prone to changing our names on a whim, I’m a rather unusual case. I switch between twelve different names depending on the outlook of my fortune!

Speaking to the NPC immediately after:

Mochi Daikan: I am thrilled to see one and all enjoying the omikuji so. Though our cultures be different, it is wonderful that we can still come together in celebration like this year after year.


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