FFXIV Suzusaurus Minion FF14

How to get Suzusaurus minion in FFXIV

Suzusaurus is a new minion in FFXIV 6.3.

  • Source: Subaquatic Voyages – Unknown Destination

FF14 Suzusaurus Information

Behavior Independent
Tradeable Yes
Description Summon your suzusaurus minion. Might be able to tow a rowboat to safety if not a galleon.
Journal Believed to be related to the legendary elasmosaurus, this young sea dragon had become separated from its herd when it encountered a submersible, which it decided to follow. Inquisitive by nature, it cranes its long neck to scout out its surroundings, and will not stray from whomever it considers its parent.
Tooltip I have a feeling everything is going to go swimmingly!
– T’laqa Tia

FFXIV Suzusaurus

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