FFXIV Sky Blue Back Minion FF14

How to get Sky Blue Back minion in FFXIV

Sky Blue Back is a new minion in FFXIV 6.3.

  • Source: 4,000 Seafarer’s Cowries

FF14 Sky Blue Back Information

Behavior Independent
Tradeable No
Description Born in the Cieldalaes. It was born in the Cieldalaes. It was born in the Cieldalaes. Born in the Cieldalaes. Summon your sky blue back minion.
Journal Hatched on an isle of the Cieldalaes, this young blue back was originally intended to be kept as livestock, but an excess of chicks led to it being rehomed. On account of belonging to a flightless species, it has a penchant for going on adventures off the island.
Tooltip Stickin’ yer beak into me business again?
– Blanstyr

FFXIV Sky Blue Back

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