FFXIV In Heavenly Company

In Heavenly Company

In-game description: Menphina is fairly bouncing up and down in her eagerness to set forth.

  • Quest giver: Menphina
  • Location: The Omphalos (X:6, Y:6)
  • Quest line: Myths of the Realm Quests
  • Level: 90
  • Gil:  5,000
  • Previous quest: Return to the Phantom Realm
  • Next quest: Divine Nonintervention
  • Patch: 6.3

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  • Speak with Deryk at Rathefrost.
  • Speak with Deryk at the Fury’s Gaze.
  • Search for Menphina.
  • Speak with Deryk.


  • Menphina is fairly bouncing up and down in her eagerness to set forth.
  • Urged on by the eager Menphina, your motley party sets forth for your designated marks of the Twelve. The first is that of Thaliak, which overlooks Silvertear Lake at a place called Rathefrost.
  • Upon arriving at Thaliak’s stone, you promptly commit the information it holds to your instrument. Menphina and Halone then take the opportunity to speak about the stones, explaining that they were created due to the love men bear for gods, and the love gods bear for the star. Your business thus concluded at the first location, you set off for the next─the mark of Halone, located within the Fury’s Gaze in the central highlands of Coerthas.
  • While Deryk extracts the information from Halone’s stone, you tell your accompanying gods what you know of the worship of the Fury. With great enthusiasm, Menphina then sets off ahead of the party for the third and final mark─her own, which lies by the cliff west of the Steel Vigil.
  • As you approach the mark of the Lover, you encounter a man leaving it. He is revealed to be a former member of the Lambs of Dalamud, the doomsday cult which emerged prior to the Calamity. Though he did not share the fanatical views of his fellows, he suffered as a result of their murderous actions, and had become disillusioned with his faith. Thanks to Deryk’s words of guidance, however, he is able to find renewed hope amidst his despair.
  • At Deryk’s behest, you extract the information from the final stone. Menphina then lays her heart bare on the subject of mankind’s faith in the divine. The gods have no wish to bring grief to mortals, she explains, but they are who they are because of those who believe in them. And though they may not be all-powerful, she assures you that men’s prayers are always heard.


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