FFXIV Gil: Send Retainers on Ventures

Sending your retainers on ventures is an excellent way to make Gil in Final Fantasy XIV (FFXIV). Retainers can return with valuable loot that you can sell on the market board for substantial profits. This method is passive and can yield significant returns over time.

Steps to Profit from Retainer Ventures

Unlock Retainers and Ventures: Complete the main scenario quest "The Scions of the Seventh Dawn" to unlock retainers.

Hire retainers from the Retainer Vocate in any major city.

Equip and Level Up Retainers: Assign your retainers a class that complements your needs, such as Botanist, Miner, Fisher, or any battle class.

Equip them with appropriate gear to increase their item level, which improves the quality of loot they can gather.

Level up your retainers by sending them on ventures that match their class.

Obtain Ventures: Acquire ventures by completing beast tribe quests, which often reward ventures.

Spend company credits earned from FATEs, grand company missions, and other quests to purchase ventures.

Send Retainers on Ventures: Regular Ventures: Send your retainers on quick ventures to gather materials and items.

Exploration Ventures: Assign your retainers to exploration ventures, which can yield rare and valuable items, including minions and glamour items.

Quick Exploration: This venture type can bring back a wide range of items, including rare minions like the Fat Cat, which are highly sought after and can sell for millions of FFXIV Gil.

Sell Loot on the Market Board: Monitor the market board for the prices of items your retainers bring back.

List valuable items such as rare minions, glamour gear, and crafting materials at competitive prices to maximize profits.

Tips for Successful Retainer Ventures

Maximize Retainer Levels: The higher the level and item level of your retainers, the better the loot they can gather. Equip them with the best possible gear and continue leveling them up.

Focus on High-Demand Items: Keep an eye on the market board to identify high-demand items and prioritize ventures that can yield these items.

Regularly Send Out Ventures: Make it a habit to send your retainers on ventures whenever possible. The more frequently they go out, the more loot you will accumulate.

Manage Ventures Efficiently: Ensure you have a steady supply of ventures by regularly completing beast tribe quests and participating in FATEs to earn company credits.

Recommended Venture Types

Quick Exploration: This venture is highly recommended for its potential to bring back rare and valuable items, including minions.

Field Exploration: Use this for specific items needed for crafting or personal use, as it yields a variety of materials.

High-Level Ventures: Focus on these once your retainers are max level, as they have the best chances of bringing back high-value items.


Sending retainers on ventures in FFXIV is a passive yet effective method to earn Gil. By properly equipping and leveling your retainers, regularly sending them on ventures, and selling the loot on the market board, you can build a steady stream of income. Utilize ventures efficiently, keep an eye on market trends, and watch your Gil reserves grow.

Happy adventuring!

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