FFXIV Gil: Run Expert Roulette and Sell Materia

Running Expert Roulette is a consistent and reliable way to make Gil in Final Fantasy XIV (FFXIV). Not only do players earn a steady stream of Gil from the rewards, but they can also acquire valuable materia, which can be sold for a substantial profit on the market board.

Steps to Profit from Expert Roulette

Reach Max Level: Ensure your character is at the maximum level and has adequate gear to participate in Expert Roulette.

Completing the highest level content allows you to access the best rewards, including high-quality materia.

Run Expert Roulette Daily: Queue up for Expert Roulette every day. This will not only provide you with a daily source of Gil but also with Tomestones and loot.

Completing these dungeons regularly ensures a steady influx of valuable materia and other sellable items.

Obtain and Convert Gear: Collect gear drops from the dungeons you run. Even if the gear isn’t useful to you, it can be converted into materia.

Use the "Materia Extraction" feature on gear you don’t need to obtain materia.

Acquire Materia: Focus on acquiring the best materia available. Higher tier materia, especially those used in endgame content, sell for higher prices.

You can also trade Tomestones for materia, which can then be sold on the market board.

Sell Materia on the Market Board: Regularly check the market board to monitor the prices of different types of materia.

List your materia at competitive prices to ensure quick sales.

Tips for Maximizing Profit from Expert Roulette

Optimize Your Gear: Equip your character with the best possible gear to increase your efficiency in Expert Roulettes. Higher performance means faster dungeon runs.

Daily Routine: Make running Expert Roulette a part of your daily routine. Consistency is key to accumulating valuable materia over time.

Monitor Market Trends: Keep an eye on market board trends to identify which types of materia are in high demand and adjust your selling strategy accordingly.

Diversify Materia Types: Obtain and sell a variety of materia types to cater to different buyer needs and maximize your potential profit.

Benefits of Expert Roulette

Steady Gil Income: Each completion of Expert Roulette provides a fixed amount of Gil, contributing to a steady income stream.

Tomestones and Gear: In addition to materia, you’ll earn Tomestones and gear drops, both of which can be converted into more Gil.

Beautiful Dungeons: Enjoy the aesthetic and design of FFXIV’s expertly crafted dungeons while earning Gil. Many dungeons are visually stunning and offer a great gameplay experience.


Running Expert Roulette in FFXIV is a reliable and profitable method for earning Gil. By consistently participating in these high-level dungeons, obtaining valuable materia, and selling it on the market board, you can build a steady stream of income. Embrace the challenge and beauty of FFXIV’s dungeons, and watch your Gil reserves grow as you sell high-demand materia.

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