FFXIV Gil: Craft Items Needed for Class Quests

Crafting items required for class quests is a reliable way to earn Gil in Final Fantasy XIV (FFXIV). Many players prefer buying these items from the market board rather than crafting them themselves, making it a lucrative market for those who take the time to craft these essential items.

Steps to Profit from Crafting Class Quest Items

Level Up a Crafting Job: Choose a crafting job that appeals to you. Popular choices include Weaver, Blacksmith, Alchemist, and Culinarian.

Focus on leveling your chosen crafting job. Completing crafting quests, using levequests, and participating in the Ishgardian Restoration can help you level up quickly.

Research Class Quest Requirements: Look up the items needed for various class quests. Websites like Gamer Escape and the official FFXIV forums can provide detailed lists of required items.

Keep a list of frequently required items for different levels and classes.

Gather Materials: Gather or buy the necessary materials to craft the items. Consider leveling a gathering job like Botanist, Miner, or Fisher to reduce costs.

Keep an eye on the market board for material prices to ensure you’re not overspending.

Craft the Items: Use your crafting skills to create multiple copies of the required items.

Focus on high-quality (HQ) items as they sell for a higher price and are often needed for quest turn-ins.

List on the Market Board: Post your crafted items on the market board at competitive prices.

Monitor the market board to adjust prices based on demand and competition.

Tips for Successful Crafting and Selling

Maximize Quality: Aim to craft HQ items whenever possible. They not only sell for more but are also in higher demand for class quests.

Timing is Key: List your items when more players are online, such as during weekends or after major patches, to increase the likelihood of sales.

Diversify Your Portfolio: Craft and list a variety of items required for different class quests to cater to a broader market.

Track Trends: Keep an eye on market trends and adjust your crafting and pricing strategies accordingly. Websites like Universalis can help track market prices.

Recommended Crafting Jobs

Weaver: Crafts gear for Disciples of Magic and various other classes.

Blacksmith: Creates weapons and tools essential for many classes.

Alchemist: Produces potions, ethers, and other consumables.

Culinarian: Makes food that provides valuable buffs, popular among players preparing for challenging content.


Crafting items needed for class quests in FFXIV is a dependable and profitable way to earn Gil. By leveling up a crafting job, researching class quest requirements, and strategically listing items on the market board, you can turn your crafting skills into a steady stream of income. Embrace the role of a crafter, and watch as players line up to buy your well-crafted items.

Happy crafting!

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