FFXIV Corgi Minion FF14

How to get Corgi minion in FFXIV

Corgi is a new minion in FFXIV 6.3.

  • Source: 400 Faux Leaves

FF14 Corgi Information

Behavior Independent
Tradeable Yes
Description Summon your corgi minion. Fluffy, full of beans, and fit for a queen.
Journal A type of herding dog known for its short legs, the corgi is the result of breeding squat specimens that could avoid the hooves of livestock. In the old tongue of the northern seas, the name means “dwarf dog,” which, aside from the literal meaning, is a reference to a folktale that claims the creatures were once ridden by Lalafells.
Tooltip As if I would trail along behind you…like some sniveling lapdog…
– Nero tol Scaeva


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