FFXIV A Far Eastern Yarn FF14

A Far Eastern Yarn

In-game description: A familiar beeping noise is emitting from the curious courier.

  • Quest giver: Curious Courier
  • Location: Unnamed Island (X:12.4, Y:28.7)
  • Quest line: Island Sanctuary Quests
  • Level: 1
  • Previous quest: The Land, Wind, and Sea
  • Patch: 6.3


  • 1 x Isle Shepherd's Headdress
  • 1 x Isle Shepherd's Tunic
  • 1 x Isle Shepherd's Wristdress
  • 1 x Isle Shepherd's Bottoms
  • 1 x Isle Shepherd's Sandals

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  • Await Tataru's arrival at the designated location.


  • A familiar beeping noise is emitting from the curious courier.
  • Noticing its excited beeping noises, you speak with the curious courier, who informs you that Tataru is on her way with mysterious guests in tow once more. The ecstatic mammet directs you to await her arrival on the islet inlet.
  • You do not have to wait long before Tataru arrives on the beach with Cirina and Sadu at her side. The pair inform you that they have begun a tour of Eorzea at Lyse's suggestion, to behold all it has to offer now that some semblance of peace has settled throughout the realm. As they have come all this way, Tataru suggests that you show the pair around the island, to which you agree with a characteristic nod. After an extensive examination of the local sheep, they seem well satisfied, and offer you a souvenir from the Azim Steppe─traditional garments adjusted for warm climes. With the island once more to yourself, you may focus wholeheartedly on its continued development.


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