FFXIV 6.3 New Systems: Additional Duty Support

1. Additional Duty Support

FFXIV 6.3 New Systems

The Duty Support system has been expanded to include six additional dungeons from Heavensward. With all main scenario dungeons playable in the free trial now covered, this is the perfect time to begin your adventures in Eorzea!

* The duties newly added to the Duty Support system are as follows: the Great Gubal Library, the Aetherochemical Research Facility, the Antitower, Sohr Khai, Xelphatol, and Baelsar’s Wall. Further updates will be progressively implemented in future patches.

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2. Housing Update

New neighborhoods are coming to Mist, the Lavender Beds, the Goblet, Shirogane, and even fresh-built Empyreum!

FFXIV Housing Changes 6.3

1,800 new plots will be added to each World and will be available for sale via lottery. The matter of whether it should be first-come, first-served or lottery is constantly debated, but we’ve chosen the lottery for this update for fairness. The details regarding free company and private plot distribution will be announced on the Lodestone later.

FFXIV Housing Changes 6.3

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