Complete Farrul, First of the Plains Deadly Encounters PoE

PoE Heist 3.12 challenge: Complete Deadly Encounters(Farrul, First of the Plains).

  • Location: Farrul’s Den(Area level: 80)
  • Boss: Farrul, First of the Plains

Farrul, First of the Plains

Use beastcrafting recipe to open Farrul’s Den

Beastcrafting is a method of crafting by sacrificing beasts to the blood altar in the Menagerie. Each beastcrafing recipe requires four beasts to be sacrificed, with most of them requiring one specific Red Beast and three Rare Beasts. The four chosen beasts are released into the arena surrounding the blood altar and must be killed to complete the recipe. If the player dies during the attempt, the recipe fails and the beasts are lost.

1. Farric Tiger Alpha

Beastcrafting recipe Components
Open a Portal to Farrul’s Den 1x level Farric Tiger Alpha + 3x random yellow beasts

Farric Tiger Alpha

Note that if the player haven’t unlock the portal recipe, even buying the Saqawine Rhex beast from other player, would not unlock the recipe and thus blocking the access to the boss arena.

2. Travel to your Menagerie

Travel to your Menagerie

3. Activate this recipe

Capture Farric Tiger Alpha to unlock a beastcrafting recipe that open 6 portals to Farrul’s Den. If you had unlocked the recipe in previous leagues, you can purchase the red beast Farric Tiger Alpha from other players directly. The recipe requires 3 others yellow beasts.

4. Open Farrul’s Den

Click Blood Altar, then open Farrul’s Den

Open Farrul's Den

5. Complete Farrul, First of the Plains Deadly Encounters

Path of Exile | Bestiary League Farrul’s Den

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