Fallout 76 Cap Collector: Doubles the Caps Stashes’ loot

In Fallout 76, the Cap Collector perk doubles the amount of caps found in Cap Stashes. This perk can be highly beneficial for players looking to amass a significant amount of in-game currency. Here’s how it works and some tips on how to make the most of it:

Cap Collector Perk Details

Rank 1: Caps stashes contain twice as many caps.

Rank 2: Caps stashes contain three times as many caps.

Rank 3: Caps stashes contain four times as many caps.

How to Use Cap Collector Effectively

Explore Thoroughly: Cap Stashes can be found in various locations across Appalachia. Look in buildings, behind counters, in safes, and in hidden spots.

Key areas to search include train stations, urban areas, and high-traffic NPC locations.

Equip the Perk: Ensure that you have the Cap Collector perk equipped in your Perception slot before you start looting.

If you’re planning a dedicated cap-collecting run, it’s beneficial to equip it beforehand.

Combine with Other Perks: Pair Cap Collector with other perks like Scrounger to increase your overall loot efficiency.

If you’re also hunting for other types of loot, consider perks that enhance the loot pool for other valuable items.

Cap Stash Locations: Some well-known locations with frequent Cap Stashes include Whitespring Resort, Charleston Capitol Building, and Watoga.

Use online maps and community guides to pinpoint Cap Stash locations.

Regularly Check Stash Locations: Cap Stashes respawn over time. Regularly revisiting known locations can yield a steady supply of caps.

Additional Tips

Sell Unneeded Items: Use the caps you find to purchase items from vendors and sell unneeded loot to NPCs and other players.

Trade with Players: Caps can be used to trade with other players for rare or valuable items, so having a large reserve can give you an edge in bartering.

Upgrade Your CAMP: Use caps to improve your CAMP, making it a more functional and attractive base of operations.

By using the Cap Collector perk and combining it with strategic looting, you can significantly boost your cap reserves in Fallout 76.

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